20 July 2018 / Shows

LYP (aka Lemon Yellow Pea) is back in the mix for July 2018 with a fantastic selection of house tracks including some exclusive bootlegs by the man himself.

21 June 2018 / Shows

One Phat DJ is back with a selection of his favourite tracks from the last few months including highlights from the Glitterbox “This Ain’t No Disco” compilation, a handful of Dr Packer remixes, some commercial hits and a handful of less mainstream numbers.

3 May 2018 / Shows
6 April 2018 / Shows

As the sunshine starts to break through those cold, Wintery months, One Phat DJ returns with a selection of uplifting house delights to help lift morale.

30 December 2017 / Shows

We couldn’t say goodbye to 2017 without a special mix of some of One Phat DJ’s favourite tunes from the past few months.

25 August 2017 / Shows
20 July 2017 / Shows

Holiday season is well underway now and, with it, we bring another selection of the finest house cuts from our very own resident, One Phat DJ.

30 June 2017 / Shows
26 May 2017 / Shows

With holiday season officially here, it feels only right to compliment your travels and parties with a few more mixes, carefully selected and supported by your residents. We start off with a DJ talent from Hertfordshire, Mike Mases.

1 May 2017 / Shows
16 December 2016 / Shows
21 October 2016 / Shows

With the biggest music conference of the season in full swing, our very own Gweilo has put together a special ADE16 mini-mix for us all to enjoy.

12 August 2016 / Shows
27 May 2016 / Shows

Following quite a substantial break, One Phat DJ scratches that itch mixing up an hour of his favoruite tracks from the past five months just in time for the bank holiday break.

24 December 2015 / Shows
4 September 2015 / Shows

Even though Summer is officially over in the UK, that’s not going to stop us as I delve back into the archives to select another set of funky house classics from #ONEPHATDECADE.