Dancing Divas

Dancing Divas

Another month has passed by with numerous new house tracks getting released. You can guess what that means then can’t you? Just in time for pay day weekend, I introduce to you Episode 17 of the One Phat DJ podcastDancing Divas.

While I tend to play a lot of vocal and disco house in the One Phat DJ podcast, this month took on a few more remixes compared to normal of so-called US “divas” in the shape of Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Chanel and Christina Aguelira. I was thinking of calling the mix “Phat Goes Pop” but the tunes aren’t particularly poppy per se, more funky house. Besides which, it didn’t put the rest of the artists in the best light. Regardless, the general sound of the mix is in the same style as I normally go for so, for all those hardcore fans out there, don’t worry. It’s still funky baby!

Here we go…

1. Basement Jaxx – Hush Boy (Soul Seekerz Miz)
We’re kicking off this months mix with the latest offering from those two Jaxx boys Felix and Simon. Teaming up with Vula Malinga yet again (first time being “Oh My Gosh”), the typical British sound comes through really well in her accent and lingo. Whack in a strong beat, plenty of instruments, a catchy rap towards the end and you’ve got yet another stomping Jaxx track to add to the archives. Keep it up boys!
2. Antoine Clamaran – Keep On Tryin (Hott 22 Remix)
Next up, the Parisian Antoine Clamaran teams up with Emilie Chick for this really funky number. A very catchy tune with good singalong vocals and your typical French house bassline. There are plenty of different remixes around of this track but it was Hot 22’s remix that had me hooked.
3. DJ Rhythm presents Soul Theory – Drama
I can’t really give you much information on this guy, mainly down to the fact there isn’t much. Anyhow, we keep on a funky vibe with yet another disco/vocal house number. More bouncy basslines, more catchy lyrics, more synth loops.
4. Beyonce Ft Jay Z – Deja Vu (Freemasons Club Mix)
Kicking off the first of our Dancing Divas session is the ever-so-lovely Beyonce. Deja Vu first emerged in the charts in her native R&B style but got a re-release thanks to a remix from our producers of the year, Freemasons. As you’d come to expect, plenty of remixing is going on with this track but with the vocal talents of Mrs Jay-Z accompanying their sound, this is bound to be a belter. Love it!
5. Chanel – My Life (Grant Nelson Neo Funk (Edited))
Second up in the Dancing Divas collection is another re-release. Chanel’s melodic vocal talents were out in time for Christmas last year but didn’t do so well. With plenty of support around the club scene and housey lounge bars, it was inevitably prone to a re-release. Good ol’ Grant Nelson injects more of his synths into this remix which gets my vote.
6. Mary J Blige – Be Without You (Moto Blanco Vocal Mix)
For some reason, this track slipped under my radar when it came out last Christmas. I couldn’t have our Mary getting the Moto Blanco treatment and not give it the exposure it truely deserves so here it is in all its glory. Awesome basslines, synths and Blige’s powerful voice combine to make a fantastic Dancing Diva remix.
7. Jealousy – Lucy
I first heard this track on Fierce Angel’s Es Vive Ibiza mixed compilation and was in love with it straight away. Do you remember Supermen Lovers from 2001 with “Starlight”? Same guys. Same producer, same vocalist (Mani Hoffman) and same quality French house.
8. Christina Aguilera – Ain’t No Other Man (Amokk’s Club Anthem)
To be honest, I think the original version of Christina’s comeback tune is probably the best version. It breaks all the moulds of your typical pop track and oozes style with that big band sound. By the by, I’m a funky house DJ and just had to drop a remix of it into the podcast. Instead of playing one of the obvious (and official) remixes by the Shapeshifters, I got sent this funky bootleg that just lifts the mix to a real bouncey, clubbing state.
9. Sunkids ft Chance – Rise Up (Grant Nelsons Big Room Mix)
Mr Nelson returns with yet another BIG remix of a track that I’ve been loving all year. I originally played Rise Up in Going To Miami way back in February but there were a few re-releases of the track on 3 Beat Digital so I grabbed this (and the 7th Heaven Remix) and bunged it in the mix. Expect big vocals, big sounds – just a big tune in general!
10. Firefox – Sex Shooter (Club Mix)
We’re going a little dirty electro now (I know DJ Cruze will appreciate it!). When I heard this track, something about it grabbed me. Whether it was the catchy (if a little cheesy) lyrics, the bassline or the catchy beat I don’t know. It just works for me. Let me know what you think.
11. Robots In Disguise – The DJ’s Got A Gun (Original Mix)
Again, more dirty electro this time with something that sounds particularly British but is actually 50% German too. Robots in Disguise are Dee Plume and Sue Denim and have a very distinctive sound. I love the simplicity of this tune even though it gets quite busy around the chorus. Catchy lyrics (including the annoying “ooh ooh”) with a strong bassline and drum loop. It’s my wildcard track of the month so don’t hate me for it!
12. Il Padrinos ft Jocelyn Brown – That’s How Good Your Love Is
One Phat Tune
Time to delve into the past now with one of my all time favourite tracks. We’re going back to August 2002 for this one, back when Defected were churning out loads of funky house tunes what seemed live every week. Old favourite Jocelyn Brown supplies the vocals on this tune, accompanied by a good set of strings, brass, bass and beats (the normal winning formula in my opinion).
13. ATFC ft OnePhatDeeva – Bad Habit
One Phat Clasic
Now we’re talking! Rarely a mix set didn’t go by during my uni years back in 2000 when I didn’t drop this belter, normally sitting next to the likes of Black Legend. From Aydin Hasirci, aka Aydin The Funki Chile (ATFC) with vocals by another One Phat DJ favourite, Lisa Millet, you can’t deny this tune the Classic status I’m giving it. Turn it up loud!

All the normal stuff is there as per usual: the podcast automagically downloads the lower quality version, you can download the enhanced high quality mix direct and there’s a CD cover and CUE file for you to use should you wish.

As always, let me know what you think, where you’re playing the mix, if you want to hire me! All the tracks are available to download legally (just do a Google Search for each one) so support the artists and go spend your pocket money on the tracks you like. They’re only a quid each (on average) – much cheaper than buying CDs and vinyl!

Before I sign off, One Phat DJ has also got some news coming soon. Hopefully, all will be revealed in the next week or so. Let’s just say I’m branching out…

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  1. This mix is awesome. I really liked “Going to Miami”, too. Congrats on the guest mix spot. I haven’t dj’ed for 6 years now, but I recall how cool it was when I got mixes on the air-waves. Keep bangin’ out what da low side of funk is cravin’-

  2. Can’t believe I only stumbled across your stuff now. You do some good work here bro! Any of your funky stuff have a disco vibe?

  3. […] Rise Up has featured in a couple of my podcasts in 2006, the Main Mix was way back in February’s “Going To Miami” and then Grant Nelson’s effort in September’s “Dancing Divas“. This time, I’m taking it back to basics with the Gospel Mix. Nice and simple – a really catchy piano hook, a simple bassline leaving you with pure quality vocals. This is what One Phat DJ loves! […]

  4. please may i use one of your pictures, the purple background and the white dancers saying dancing divas for a non commercial educational purpose.
    your sincerly

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