One Phat Summer

There’s no denying it – Summer is finally here. As the nursery rhyme goes “The Sun has got his hat on” (in the UK at least) and this last weekend was a perfect example of how gorgeous the weather can be, hence why I ventured down to the Devon coast with the missus to catch up with family in a shalet overlooking the sea. If I wasn’t fortunate enough to breathe in the sea air and turn my skin as pink as a lobster, I most definitely would have been kicking back, grabbing an ice cold beer, whacking some funky house on and sitting in the garden all weekend. I’m sure I wouldn’t be alone in this thought so to accomodate your music needs, I’ve delved into my funky house collection and handpicked out some of my favourite tunes from the last month or so.
One Phat Summer cover
As per usual, there are some of the obligatory latest releases, some promotional material for you to keep your ears open for over the coming months as well as some good old classic tunes from yesteryear in the form of One Phat Tune and One Phat Classic. Commence tracklistings…

1. Bimbo Jones – Harlem One Stop (Original Vocal Mix)
I thought I would start this month’s mix with something that I really liked when I first heard it. It’s a bit of a funky hip-house number with some sweet vocals thrown in there for good measure. It’s a great tune for starting a mix with anyway.
2. Armand van Helden ft Tara McDonald – MyMyMy 2006 (Stonebridge Remix)
Back in 2004, the original version of MyMyMy became an instant Summer hit and pretty much every dance compilation of the year included the track. Two years on and with the addition of some catchy lyrics included from Tara McDonald, this tune looks set to be another hit for the Summer.
3. Ron Carroll ft Jjah – Weak (Original Mix)
Fresh, funky and straight from the guys at Defected. Nice track with more piano sounds and a catchy bassline (there’s a definitely a pattern emerging in One Phat Tracks).
4. Leah McCrae – All This Love That I’m Giving (Groovefinder’s Re-rub)
I know I keep dropping covers in recent mixes but I had to drop this one. A great cover of a classic disco track by Gwen McCrae.
5. Chocolate Puma – Always & Forever (Grant Nelson’s Sub Afro Dub)
This track has been lingering around the club scene for a few months now but it was this remix from Grant Nelson that made me turn my head. With added “bounce” and a generally funked up sound, its definitely worthy of some One Phat DJ airtime and I’m sure it’ll get you funky house lovers in the Summer mood.
6. Soulflava ft Katherine Ellis – We Got Love (Original Mix)
You know the score now – anything disco house goes around here. Another Hed Kandi favourite that should get you bouncing along to the lush vocals from Katherine Ellis.
7. Chuck Love – Spread The Love (Jamie Lewis Purple Funk Mix)
Time for some male vocals this time and Chuck Love will not fail to impress. A bit more dubby than the other tracks but the sweet synthy sound definitely gives off a chillout Cafe Del Mar feel.
8. Shaolin Master ft Siobhan – Friends (Original Mix)
I’ve been wanting to drop this tune in previous mixes for a while now but kept forgetting to. The lyrics may be a little cheesy but you can’t help but singalong to this belter.
9. Discrete ft Alec Sun Drae – Free (Kuppers Disco Finesse)
Some more funky piano house for you to get your ears around. With support from Hed Kandi DJs and airtime on Galaxy, expect to hear more of this track around.
10. Georgie Porgie – Love Is Gonna Save The Day (Riff ‘N’ Rays Mix)
I’ve told you about Georgie Porgie before and played one of my all time faves in Vocal Excursion last month. This is Georgie’s latest offering with more catchy lyrics getting backing from the Hed Kandi and Fierce Angel DJs.
11. Club 4 Life ft Lorraine Brown – Don’t You Worry (12inch Club Mix)
More disco vocal house with support from Tokyo Project (now known as Fierce Angels). I recognise the chorus from somewhere but can’t put my finger on it. Any ideas, let me know.
12. Nelly Furtado – Man Eater (DJ Cruze Funkfinders Remix)
Another exclusive from DJ friend Marc Littlemore (aka DJ Cruze). After his own project last month, he decided to try remixing the current UK No 1 into a funky house flava. He sent me an early production and I was hooked! Great bassline and lyrics that you should already be familiar with. Let Marc know what you think on his website.
13. Shakedown – At Night (Extended) One Phat Tune
With the World Cup in full swing now, I thought I would venture back to previous World Cups for this month’s Phat Tune and Phat Classic. Back in the Summer of 2002, this track was leaving its mark on the charts and dance scene. If you don’t know it, where have you been?? Turn it up and sing along!
14. Jason Nevins vs Run DMC – It’s Like That (Jason Battle Blast Mix) One Phat Classic
Going back a further 4 years to 1998, this remix of a classic Run DMC track was being played everywhere you turned. I’ve got to admit this is one of my all time favourites too so I had to finish this mix with it. For me, it comes with loads of fond memories from my final school days – I’m sure I’m won’t be alone on my stroll down Memory Lane.

If that has whet your appetite, then go download your copy of the mix right now. Subscribers of the podcast will automatically receive the lower quality version while those who want to go one better can download the enhanced version for your own personal needs.
I really do appreciate all the feedback I keep getting so keep it coming. If you want to drop me an email, send it to onephatdj [at] simonjobling [dot] com or just leave a comment on this blog post.
Enjoy the mix and while you’re at it, enjoy the World Cup.

9 responses to “One Phat Summer”

  1. Can you rename it in a “one phat winter” mix please? Living in Sydney and it’s getting colder here! Anyway hope i’ll get warmer with that mix, downloading it right now! Still waiting for funky house tunes website to be released by the way!!!!!!! Cya!

  2. A hot mix as always mate! Thanks for sticking my remix in it. It sounds great in the mix.
    Not sure about the Run DMC track though! I’ve got it on 10″ vinyl but I can’t stand it now as it was played so much on the radio! πŸ˜‰

  3. Dude ur mixes totally rule. As I live in walsall, im wondering do u DJ anywhere locally or are they all too low class for someone of your mixing calibre? If you do then where and when! Cheers πŸ˜€

  4. pasta
    Still waiting for funky house tunes website to be released by the way!

    Funky House Tunes is taking longer than anticipated. I’ll announce any changes as and when they become available.

    DJ Cruze
    Not sure about the Run DMC track though! I’ve got it on 10” vinyl but I can’t stand it now as it was played so much on the radio! πŸ˜‰

    Fair enough. I was slightly concerned of the overall cheesiness of the final two tracks on this mix actually so I’ll try to make the next mix less commercial.

    Paul H
    As I live in walsall, im wondering do u DJ anywhere locally or are they all too low class for someone of your mixing calibre? If you do then where and when!

    I’m afraid I don’t DJ in Walsall. I have been tempted to push some promo CDs around the clubs trying to get some gigs (I actually know the DJ at Revolutions on Saturday night so I might try that route at some point). Thanks for the support anyway.

  5. Would be totally awesome to hear your set down Revo! If you’ve heard some of the local DJ’s (especially in the old court house) then im sure you could find business easy. Please help Walsall πŸ˜€

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