Beautiful Beats

This month has seen one of the biggest house music events of the year play host to some of the biggest DJs and artists from the music scene, at the same time introducing what is likely to be the biggest house tracks of the year. I am, of course, talking about the Winter Music Conference in Miami which has now passed us by, leaving us with a wad of new tracks to get our ears around. One Phat DJ favourites Fierce Angels threw their own pool party (obviously not hindered by a bit of Spring rain), as did numerous other DJs and music labels. A good time was had by all from most accounts – roll on 2008!
After all the party shenanigans, I can now go through my record box which is literally bursting with new material for showcasing in the podcast. Prepare yourself for some Beautiful Beats.

Track Listings

1. DJ Don Casino presents Razor Cain – Livin’ My Life (Club Mix)
We kick off with a track that isn’t your typical affair in the One Phat DJ podcast. More of a hip house venture this one. Be warned – there are explicit lyrics in this track. At the same time, Razor Cain’s vocals are very clear with a fun sound to it, the way I like my hip hop. The instrumental is very catchy too so it seemed like a great place to start this month.
2. Cookie Monsterz ft Nicole Tyler – I Won’t Stop (So Soul Mix)
Time for some mellow grooves now, compliments of the Cookie Monsterz and vocalist Nicole Tyler. After you’ve heard this track, I’m sure you won’t be able to get those catchy lyrics out of your head. Available on Traxsource with five other mixes.
3. Badura ft Laya Green – Hold You (Original Club Mix)
Released under German label Deepah Productions on 12th March 2007, Hold You brings together producer Badura and the fantastic vocalist Laya Green to create a track oozing with Summer sounds and all those ingredients that make funky house sound so lush. I’m sure you’ll be up and dancing within seconds of hearing this beauty. Available to buy on DJ Download, TuneTribe and eMusic.
4. Faz – Someday (Faz Phillys Flavours Mix)
Keeping the Italian flag flying are producers Paolo Bonaconza and Simone Menta, otherwise known as Faz, with this lush Motown/Philly inspired outing. Vocals have been supplied by V Ducros (who I can’t find out much about) but she certainly supplies the goods. More commercial funky house for you to enjoy. Available to buy on DJ Download and Traxsource.
5. Ron Gelfer ft Tiger Lily – Your Beat Sounds Like (Original)
You might remember Tiger Lily from Ben Macklin’s huge track “Feel Together” earlier in the year. She has a great voice and compliments bouncy house tracks very nicely. This time, she has teamed up with Ron Gelfer to create something a little less cheesy but still at the quality you’d come to expect. See what you think anyway. Available to buy from Traxsource and DJ Download.
6. Elektro Organik – Everybody Dance (Original Mix)
Time for some male vocals now compliments of Christian Fontana – Everybody Dance has a great soulful sound to it without getting too mellow. I’m trying to build the pace up a bit now and I hope this track doesn’t calm the mix down too much. Either way, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Available to buy on Traxsource, eMusic and DJ Download.
7. Carol Jiani – Somebody Else’s Guy (Mix 2)
It’s cover time! I’m sure most people will recognise this track as Jocelyn Brown’s 1989 classic. Released under German label House Nation, Carol Jiani has leant her massive diva vocals to this disco classic, giving it her own touches where possible. Very camp but what you gonna do… you just try not to sing along! Available to buy on DJ Download.
8. Soul Avengerz – It’s Alright (Original)
Brit favourites Soul Avengerz are back with yet another stonking house track, this time having teamed up with stunning vocalist Kristen Cummings. Big Summer vibes aplenty in this track so turn it up, kick back and enjoy. Available to buy on Traxsource and TuneTribe.
9. AC Soul Symphony – The Kinda Love (Joey Negro Disco Blend Mix)
Taken from the brilliant album The Many Faces of Joey Negro, this is the next big dance track to come from house music legend Dave Lee. In the same style as Make A Move On Me, The Kinda Love has got dancefloor classic written all over it. Plenty of funky sounds in there make this one of my favourite tracks of the moment. Available to buy on DJ Download.
10. De Souza ft Shena – Guilty (Bimbo Jones Remix)
It was a tough call deciding between this version and the original Club Mix as they are both massive tracks but I decided to delight your ears with a version you probably won’t hear as much. With full support on the Hed Kandi label and plenty of DJs keeping it handy in their record box, expect to hear a lot of this track over the Summer. Available to buy on Ministry of Sound.
11. Alex Gaudino ft Crystal Waters – Destination Calabria (Club Mix)
It would be rude not to play this track in the mix. Already getting a lot of commercial appeal and support, popping up on all the latest dance compilations, it was unsurprisingly a bootleg version of Alex Gaudino‘s Destination track that threw this track in to the spotlight. By mixing up some classic vocals from Crystal Waters with those brass sounds, it was inevitably going to be a big track. Another one you’ll be sick of by the Summer. Available to buy from iTunes, Ministry of Sound and DJ Download.
12. Disco Darlings & Peyton – I Just Wanna Be Lonely (Main Mix)
Our old Hed Kandi vocalist Peyton has returned, this time with the producers Disco Darlings, getting a little deeper and darker than his typical style. The paino synth loops in this track had me hooked straight away and when he hits those high notes, you wonder why we don’t hear more of Peyton. By the by, enjoy this track in all its glory before we go into the classics. Available to buy on DJ Download.
13. Harrison Crump – The Talk 2 (Bad Boy Bill Remix)
The first of our two classic tracks getting new remixes. Both original tracks are firm favourites of Fatboy Slim (which is evident in his mix CDs from Brighton Beach and Big Beach Boutique). The dirty bassline in Bad Boy Bill’s remix of The Talk 2 had me hooked the moment I heard it. It had three words written all over it… One Phat Tune! Available to buy on Traxsource.
14. Max Sedgley – Happy (Go Home Productions Remix)
Again, Max Sedgley’s Happy has been in and out the dance music scene for years. It’s not really classed as a funky house track but Go Home Productions‘ remix of it has certainly given the track more potentia
l in the club scene. More dirty basslines and those oh-so-friendly vocals make this One Phat Classic. Available to buy on TuneTribe and DJ Download.

With all the formalities out the way, you can now go download the mixes (if you’re not on the podcast).


When you’ve had a listen, let me know what you think. Leave a comment below, email me, Skype me, Google Talk me – however you fancy. I just want to hear from you listeners. I know there are people who just listen and leave. You know who you are! Come out the closet and say hello. We don’t bite!


  1. David
    31 March 2007

    The link to this new download does not work. 🙁

  2. Hattori
    31 March 2007

    To David : Yes…me too. It’s problem. Could you send me function link ??? THX

  3. Carl
    31 March 2007

    Hi there
    The link to the download does not work??? Or is it just me?

  4. 31 March 2007

    Sorry guys.
    I was trialling a third party application to track number of downloads but there have been some technical issues.
    Normal play has now resumed and you should be able to download the mixes without any interruptions.
    Thanks for letting me know anyway. The power of a comments system proves its worth, yet again!

  5. David
    1 April 2007

    I got the mix now…no worries Si, Jax. 🙂

  6. David
    1 April 2007

    I wish I could simply edit my old post but anyhow you are still the shit…coming from the States!

  7. DaFoonkyBastard
    1 April 2007

    Another banger 🙂 Simply brilliant. Thx Simon.

  8. 2 April 2007

    as always.. dishing out the best.. cheers!

  9. Mark
    6 April 2007

    Brilliant….another top mix!! They just keep getting better!!

  10. DJ Bubblicious
    8 April 2007

    Hey Si, Thanks again for another top mix of great beats. I’m a bit of bedroom DJ living in Sydney. We’ve got very similar tastes in music and I look forward to your podcast each month. You’re constantly introducing me to new tracks, this month especially. I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards hip hop, but I love ‘Livin My Life’. Thanks again for stretching my boundaries. Cheers! Troy..

  11. Paul H
    12 April 2007

    Another ACE mix! Keep it going!

  12. Dave Mellows
    13 April 2007

    I´m a big fan of Defected style music. You are keeping me sane! I live in Murcia, Spain but my decks and vinyl are in England. Apart from a local DJ in Mundaka Bar you are my best source of new funky house. Your mixes always bring a smile to my face and perfect for the Spanish sun. Feeling good…..

  13. Gee
    18 April 2007

    Your choice of music each month still leaves me smiling, I can’t get over how similar your choice of music is to mine, it’s fan-bleedin-tastic! If I could afford to go buy decks again I would!
    Keep making podcasts! Or come and DJ somewhere in Scotland! :p

  14. Hrt83n
    20 April 2007

    I’m your big fan.
    Your choices always make me feel good!
    No exception!
    Please keep releasing Podcast!
    I’m looking foward to from Tokyo.

  15. 30 April 2007

    Hey there,
    I can’t seem to download this mix? I know it says that this was the case in the above comments, but still I can’t get the little blighter to download.
    Any ideas?

  16. […] track with Christian Fontana on the vocals. I featured this British collaboration back in March on Beautiful Beats with “Everybody Dance” and they’ve followed up with a fantastic upbeat track […]

  17. George Davies
    19 December 2019

    How can I download this is 2019? It brings back so many memories!!

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