Trick Or Treat

Is Hallowe’en something we should really be celebrating? It’s all a little sordid, getting excited about such creepy nightmare situations but we all seem to get in to the spirit of things around this time of year and who am I to dampen the idea of a bit of a party? It seems only appropriate to jump on yet another bandwagon and supply the latest in funky house for all those Halloween house parties. Rather than wait until Friday, I’m joining in with a bit of a Triple Trick or Treat with DJ friends Si Philp and DJ Cruze, releasing the October funky house mix with plenty of time for the weekend. Why not download Si’s halloween mix for an extra hour or so of funky tunes while you’re at it?
It’s actually a double celebration today – it’s seven years to the day since I met my gorgeous wife Lizzy at a Halloween party at Satchmo’s night-club in Stoke-on-Trent. I was DJing, dressed as a Ghostbuster, my lady dressed as Catwoman – the scene was set for a beautiful evening, a beautiful life together. Here’s to the last seven years and to the next seventy!
You’re in for an extra treat this month too – the mix is an extra 20 minutes long than normal. It was a struggle to get all the material in to the typical 1 hour 20 slot so I’ve just gone with the flow this month and extended the mix beyond the normal CD length. Sorry guys – this month it’s destined just for the iPods out there.
Some might call it laze, some might not even notice but here goes – I’m also knocking the comprehensive running commentary on the head this month. I’m not sure if this will be an ongoing thing, I might bring it back next month. I’ll see how I feel and what the feedback is like.
Anyway, with all the introductions out the way, here is Episode 33 of the One Phat DJ Podcast – here is Trick Or Treat.
Trick Or Treat cover

Track Listings

  1. Morten Trust ft Angie BrownKeep Me Satisfied (Full Vocal Mix)

  2. Underground Ministries ft Kenny BobienI Shall Not Be Moved (DJ Meme Classic Vocal Mix 2007)

  3. Justin TimberlakeLovestoned (I Think She Knows) (Kaskade Remix)

    • Label: Jive
    • Released: April 8th 2007
    • Buy: HMV or Juno
  4. VMCTo The Rock (Praise Party Vocal)

  5. Orlando VaughanBetter Than Never (Main Mix)

  6. Ricky Rivaro ft Tiger LilyWith You (Original Mix)

  7. JD Productions ft MijanThe Soul Fusion EP (Disco Passion)

  8. Mario HeldLittle Universe (Full Vocal Mix)

  9. Sanny XHigher (Davide Loi Remix)

  10. NightridersKeep On Movin’ (Dr.Kucho! Edit)

  11. Knights of the Round TablesReach High (Knights Naughty Mix)

  12. The ShapeshiftersNew Day (Extended Mix)

  13. Mahjong & D’LaynaSo Thankful (Federico Conti Extended Mix)

  14. Jack Rokka vs Betty BooTake Off (Digital Dog 12″ Mix)

  15. Justin Michael ft Jackie WilsonFunky Love (Born To Funk Remix)

  16. Thomas GoldSomething’s Gotta Give (Dennis Christopher Remix)

  17. PulseThe Lover That You Are (Saturday Night Remix)

    • Label: Fuego
    • Released: October 2nd 2007
    • Buy: DJ Mag


Don’t forget to go support your favourite artists from the podcast. Pretty much all the tracks in this month’s mix are available to purchase, either as legal downloads or on CD. I’ve supplied links to retailers for each track to make it even easier for you. There are some highlights from this month’s Digital Angel 2007 as well which is definitely worth a listen.
Let me know what you think, tell me if you’re missing the track details – good or bad, comments are always welcome.
Other than that, have a great Halloween and enjoy the tunes.
Update: Christian Rode has kindly sorted out a CUE file for this mix so why not go download it if that’s your thing? Obviously due to the length of the mix, it won’t burn to CD though.
Update 2: I’ve finally resolved the problems I was having with the iTunes friendly version. It is now available and set as the default download in the podcast.

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