Jun ’08 Warmup

What a long “fortnight” that has been! It seems an age ago since May ’08 Crescendo was released but that’s the beauty of the new format – occasionally I get a nice, long break between releases.
That’s not to say I’ve been lounging around doing nothing. There have been literally thousands of tracks released to check out in the mean time and I’ve been a busy bee going through them all, sorting out the musical treats to grace your lovely ears.
We kick off the month with quite a laid back mix, featuring some lush tracks from the likes of Bobby D’Ambrosio, Kings of Tomorrow, DJ Roland Clark, Byron Stingily, Shawn Christopher and Pepper Mashay to name but a few. We’re definitely on a Summer vibe with this beauty so I suggest you download the mix, turn those speakers up and enjoy in the sunshine, whether you’re driving with the windows open or kicking back with an ice cold drink in the garden.
Before you do all that though, we need to introduce this month’s guest artist. Gemma Barton of Manchester’s Big Light Studio has delivered a fantastic piece, emphasising the music and Summer feeling, all in to one bright vivid cover for this mix. I think you’ll agree its stunning and sets the scene perfectly. Expect more magic from Gemma in two weeks time…
Jun '08 Warmup artwork by Gemma Barton


Track Listing

  1. The Layabouts ft J-Key & Shola PhillipsStand Up (Mike Dee Remix)

  2. Rachel ClaudioFreedom Part II (Breathe Benny Pecoraio Gogo Vocal Mix)

  3. First ChoiceThe Player (Mousse T. & Boris Dlugosh Classic 12”)

  4. Kings of Tomorrow ft RaeCan’t Stop (Original Mix)

  5. Bobby D’Ambrosio ft Kelli SaeLove Forevermore, Amen (Fabulous & Jones Club Mix)

  6. Mosco & Will Dawson ft Abigail BaileyI Like What Your Doing (To Me) (Original Mix)

  7. Roasted Soul ft Hollie O’BrienNow or Never (Original Mix)

  8. U.F.X. ft Rose MarriotMake Me Love Again (Original Mix)

  9. Crispin J Glover ft Johnnie FioriNever Give You Up (Fabio Bacchini’s Discofied Mix)

  10. DJ Roland Clark & Byron Stingily ft Carla Prather & ElRevival (Terry Hunter Remix)

  11. Shawn ChristopherDon’t Lose The Magic (Bobby Blanco’s Block Re-Edit Mix)

  12. DJ Bradd & Pepper Mashay ft Salsoul NuggetHeaven (DJ Bradd Vocal Mix)

  13. House of Glass ft Giorgio GiordanoDisco Down 2008 Part 2 (Samuele Sartini Club Mix)

2 responses to “Jun ’08 Warmup”

  1. I feel like I should be in a hammock with a coconut full of dark rum …. It goes just perfectly with the mix Si .. i’m really chuffed!
    Pleasure doing business!

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