With A Twist

Time to turn your speakers up! One Phat DJ is back with you yet again with another collection of funky house tunes for you to getting dancing to, singing along to – whatever takes your fancy.
This month is taking a bit more of a twisted vibe with some more clubby tracks than normal. Never fear – its still full of funk and should keep you going for the full hour and a quarter whether you’re playing at a party or warming up for a night out. I’ve put this mix together for an upcoming party (it’ll give me an hours break) so let me know what you’re doing with your copy.
With A Twist cover
Commence tracklistings

  1. Teamsters – Feels Like Love (Vocal Extended)
    We kick off the mix with a tune with plenty of strings and a catchy sing-a-long chorus from the Danish boys also known as Morjac. With support from Positiva (who have a history for backing HUGE summer tracks), be on the look out for these guys over the coming months.
  2. Michael Gray – Borderline (Vocal Club Mix)
    Everywhere you turn at the moment you’ll be hearing this belter from one half of the mighty Full Intention. There are plenty of remixes going around at the mo from the likes of Dennis Christopher but its the full vocal version that does it for me every time. Michael and Jon (Pearn) have a nack for making true house classics with really catchy hooks – this is no different. Good stuff lads!
  3. Gina G – Tonight’s The Night (Extended Mix)
    Who’d have thought it…? Gina G in a One Phat DJ mix! I was surprised at how much I liked this track when I heard it. It’s got a proper cheesy disco sound to it but that bassline is pure. Forget about that tragic 1995 Eurovision entry – our Gina seems to have gathered it together and put together a funky number that should get you going for your night out.
  4. Emelee – Head Over Heels (Georgie Porgie Remix)
    I was sent some promo remixes last week by this upcoming young artist from the US who seems to be gathering storm at the moment. There were some pretty funky remixes of the track but it was the regular OPDJ artist Georgie Porgie who funked it up the most and made it into the monthly mix. Keep an eye out for this one – she’s got some potential and if she continues with the remixes, we could be seeing a lot more of lil’ Emelee.
  5. Soul Corporation – Let’s Get Together (Club Mix)
    Some more disco style funkiness with a bit of a clubby feel this time. Soul Corporation are Errol “Deekai” Lafleur & Mark “MacMark” Neuwenhuijzen, also known as Vinyl Freakz who have been on the remix circuit for quite a few years now. If they continue churning out tracks like this, they could be around for quite a while longer.
  6. Diddy – The Reason (Diddy’s Megawoof Club Mix)
    I’ve not really got much information on this guy I’m afraid but all I know is its not that Diddy. This is one of those big disco tracks that has great build ups and your typical piano house sound. Plenty going on in this track and some great catchy lyrics gives this track that X-factor. If you’re out there Diddy, get in contact and let us know more about yourself.
  7. David Panda – Stepping Out (Party With Angels) (Carl Ryden Club Mix)
    More male vocals from another awesome vocalist, this time from Denmark. David Panda has been creating funky house tracks for a while now but this track looks to throw him into the limelight with support from StoneBridge, Axwell and Seamus Haji thanks to a great synthy remix from Carl Ryden.
  8. Mario Held ft Sibylle – Everybody Dance Now (G-Club Remix)
    This is my wildcard track for the month. Some might think its a bit cheesy or not to the typical style I mix but I’m going with it anyway. This is a remix of the classic C&C Music Factory tune “Gonna Make You Sweat” with added bassline and scratching. Its a bit of dirty remix but should get you singing along (everyone should know the words by now!)
  9. David Guetta vs The Egg – Love Dont Let Me Go (Walking Away) (Joachim Garraud David Guetta’s F___ Me I’m Famous Mix)
    You can’t fail to miss this track at the moment. It started out as the backing track to an ice-skating Peugot Citroen but when David Guetta got his hands on it, he mixed in the vocals from his own “Love Don’t Let Me Go” and a match was made in heaven. It almost hit the No 1 spot in the UK charts last week but there wasn’t enough support. You know what to do – gobuyit!
  10. Chris Lake vs Kings Of Tomorrow – Finally Changes (Nappa’s Retouch Bootleg)
    Chris Lake’s “Changes” has been a massive hit around the clubs for most of this year and there was no denying its anthem status. The only reason I haven’t played it was because it wasn’t really “funky” house but when I got sent this cheeky bootleg that mashed it up with Kings of Tomorrow’s “Finally”, I had to put it in the podcast. Again, another mashup that works a treat for me. I’m sure it’ll get most of you singing along.
  11. Til West & DJ Delicious – Same Man (Original Mix)
    Another track that has been getting a fair bit of air play in the UK, this track seemed to fit into the podcast really well now I was venturing into Twisted territory. It’s got a very 80s feel to this track but I don’t mean in that 80s remix vein. It could be the Blondie-esque vocals, it could be keyboard loops – whatever it is, it makes a quality dance track!
  12. Inaya Day – Hold Your Head Up High (Soul Avengerz Remix)
    Not a month goes by when I don’t play a bit of Inaya Day. She always managed to creep into my Mediamonkey playlist, whether its something recent or a remix of a classic. This is another remix from those funky London boys, Soul Avengerz. A very heavy guitar riff really tears this classic up so it had to be this months One Phat Tune.
  13. Loveland ft Rachel McFarlane – Let The Music Lift You Up (Full-on Vocal Mix)
    We’re going back 12 years now to 1994! Rachel McFarlane is a born and bred British soul artist hailing from Manchester. She recorded this track back when funky house was just starting to make a mark on the industry and gave Loveland their first Top 40 hit. She continued recording with them and knocked up 4 hit releases. If you’re into your classic piano house, this is for you. Turn it up! This is One Phat Classic!

Downloads should automagically happen if you’re subscribed to the One Phat DJ podcast but you can also download the Enhanced (higher quality) version directly if you fancy. There is also a CUE file for you to use if you want to burn it on to CD and have the tracks all marked up for you to skip through easier (if you really have to) and a 300dpi cover to print out if you’re that way inclined. (I am good to you aren’t I? You get the whole package with One Phat DJ!)
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