Bikini Beats

You might not be entirely convinced, what with the miserable British weather, but Summer is officially here. People are off on their holidays, the festival season is well and truly under way and motivation to work is at a serious low. To commemorate this fine season, I feel it’s my duty to put together some of the freshest and funkiest sounds available at the moment in to one sexy little package, tightly packaged for you all to enjoy (a little like what a bikini does really). This is Episode 28 of the One Phat DJ podcast – this is Bikini Beats.
Album cover for the June 2007 One Phat DJ podcast, Bikini Beats

Track Listing

1. Raúl Orellana ft. Jocelyn BrownMy Sun Will Get You (Deep Groovers Extended Remix) [Hed Kandi Records]
Time: 00:00:00
There’s no messing around with warm up tracks this month – we’re getting straight in to the big vocals. And what better way to kick off than with one of the most powerful vocalists in the music industry – it’s Jocelyn Brown accompanying Ral Orellana with this uplifting house track which should raise more than just the tempo. Featured on Hed Kandi 67 – Disco Kandi: The Mix,
Available on: DJ Download
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2. Phil DLift Me Up (Original Mix) [Diamondhouse]
Time: 07:45:00
Keeping the funk alive, it’s time for some German talent now in the producer who believes surnames are too long – Phil D. While Phil D. has been in the German club scene for many years, promoting events and holding a residency at “Punch It!” at the China Lounge, this is his debut production. Plenty of soulful sounds with some lovely vocals laid over the top. We look forward to hearing more new stuff from you Mr D!
Available on: Traxsource
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3. Dogsax ft Rietta AustinLove Is On My Mind (Club Mix) [Hed Kandi Records]
Time: 13:18:56
Featuring the vocal talents of Rietta Austin, this is one huge tune that has anthem written all over it. It’s another track that was featured on Hed Kandi 67 – Disco Kandi: The Mix that I instantly fell in love with. Rietta has got an awesome powerful voice which complimented Dogsax’s funky production perfectly.
Available on: DJ Download
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4. Elektro Organik ft. Christian FontanaRevolutions (Earnshaw‘s Re-Touch) [Duffnote]
Time: 19:03:56
Part of Duffnote’s WMC 2007 Sampler, Bristol-based producers Elektro Organik have come up trumps with another fine disco funk-fuelled track with Christian Fontana on the vocals. I featured this British collaboration back in March on Beautiful Beats with “Everybody Dance” and they’ve followed up with a fantastic upbeat track which should get you moving.
Available on: Traxsource
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5. Deepswing & DJ Meme ft. Linda JacksonLift Up (Your Soul & Your Spirit) (Deepswings Original PowerHouse Mix) [Hed Kandi Records]
Time: 24:33:21
This is another track that was featured on Hed Kandi 67 – Disco Kandi: The Mix which I’ve been gagging to get my mits on. This is your all round typical soulful uplifting funky house track with big diva vocals and hooky club sounds which should send any house music lover into a frenzy. Eric Wikman (aka Deepswing) has worked a treat on this PowerHouse mix but DJ Meme also has a Classic Club Mix available on Traxsource which oozes coolness with all its live instruments. Perfect for the Summer months whether you’re on the terraces, in the clubs or driving in your car!
Available on: Traxsource, DJ Download
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6. Fontana ft. Darryl D’BonneauPow Pow Pow (ATFC Party
-Arty Vocal
[Stricly Rhythm]
Time: 30:33:56
Really, this should be in the Classics section of the mix but with Strictly re-releasing it on their label, there can’t be no harm. With a very typical ATFC sound to the tune, Pow Pow Pow can’t fail at raising the tempo just a little bit more. Extremely catchy lyrics from the inspirational Mr D’Bonneau laid over some truly classic productions from house legend Lenny Fontana – what more could you ask for?
Available on: Traxsource
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7. Hardsoul pres QuazimodoGive In (Navajo Retweak) [Hardsoul Pressings]
Time: 36:00:00
This track is getting a thorough hammering everywhere you listen nowadays. The likes of Hed Kand, Pacha and Clubstar are requesting it for their compilations and it’s already been in Australia’s Dance Top 10. Now destined for a European launch, you can expect to hear a lot more as it hits Ibiza. Originally “penned” by South Melbourne ‘s Quazimodo Sound Consortium, it has been given some remixing treatment from the likes of DJ Roog, now ready to blow your speakers apart. Very funky – fantastic for raising temperatures!
Available on: Traxsource
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8. Clued UpMusic Is My Life (Original Mix) [UMM]
Time: 43:07:37
Regular listeners to the One Phat DJ Podcast might recognise the sample used in this track from Those Guys – I Walk Alone (Haji & Emanuel Remix) back on Whole Lotta Lovin’ last December (which I know was also a resample but can’t for the life of me think from what). By the by, its still a fantastic funky number with some catchy vocal loops to keep the momentum going.
Available on: Traxsource
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9. WaWa ft FabalSombrita (WaWa Club Mix) [Musica Diaz Senorita]
Time: 49:37:69
I’m not normally a huge fan of Latin house but this track from Wawa actually caught my attention. I’m not sure if it was the really catchy bassline or the pace of the track but, whatever it was, it seemed worthy of inclusion in this month’s podcast. For all I know, the lyrics could be really offensive or out of context. If they are, apologies. Either way, you should enjoy the sounds Wawa and Fabal supply, especially for those Summer months in the Balaerics.
Available on: iTunes, Traxsource
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10. Armand Van HeldenNYC Beat (Original Mix) [Southern Fried]
Time: 54:22:37
You’d be hard done by to miss the exposure this track is getting at the moment. Firmly grasping UK radio air time by the balls, being played at least every three hours, there’s no denying Armand Van Helden has returned with some banging new tracks on his fourth studio album Ghetto Blaster. Being a huge AvH fan, it seemed only fair to give this tougher funky track some well deserved exposure in the podcast. Keep up the good work Armand!
Available on: Traxsource
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11. Nu RhythmixBabylon (Alex Romano Re-Work) [Lickin Records]
Time: 59:52:37
Staying on the twisted vibe of house music, it’s time to introduce yet another remix/cover of a classic house track which has been treated to some awesome anthemic sounds. Alex Romano has tweaked a few knobs to lay The Astrotrax Team’s “The Energy” a fresher 2007 feel by laying it over the original Babylon track which I think should go down really well on the balconies on the beach, just as the clubbers are reaching their peak. Already in the record boxes of Erick Morillo,
Roger Sanchez and Pete Tong, this is likeky to tip the mix over the scales as we reach the peak of new material for this month.
Available on: Traxsource
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12. DayeeneAnd It Hurts (Stonebridge 2001 Club Mix) [Stoney Boy]
Time: 64:45:00
We go in to the older tunes now with a Stonebridge remix of a full on cheese fest from vocal duo Dayeene and their awesome track “And It Hurts”. This funky number has been treated to a few more remixes this month thanks to Soulseekerz and Marco G but I’m still preferring the funky disco sounds supplied by Sweden’s finest. You just try not to sing a long to those catchy chorus moments. It’s harder than you think!
Available on: Traxsource
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13. Alan Braxe & Freddy FalkeIntro (Original Club Mix) [Vulture Music]
Time: 69:15:00
With Vulture Music finally putting their finest back catalogue on DJ Download, it would have been rude to not plug one of their most iconic tracks from yesteryear. “Intro” has always had a place in my record box, appearing in many sets during my uni years, continuing to bless my eardrums through the years thanks to an MP3 conversion appearing right at the top of my “Classics” folder. I have many fond memories from this track and I know some of my veteran fans will do too. Definitely, One Phat Classic!
Available on: Traxsource
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There we have it – thirteen of the month’s finest tracks all wrapped up in 74 minutes (ideal for burning to CD for in the car). Keep enjoying the mixes, let me know what you think, take them on your hols and keep spreading the word about One Phat DJ. It’s Summer Time people – party time!

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