Inevitably Vocal

For those that were expecting the latest edition of the podcast to be on time, what were you thinking? You should know better by now! Apologies for the delay and what looks like some weird downloading issues with the current host – I’m still investigating this but thinking it might have something to do with the sheer amount of downloads. After gaining more subscribers thanks to iTunes high profile advert and jumping up to #22 in the Music Podcast Charts, it is certainly looking like it is going to be One Phat DJ’s Summer.

Inevitably Vocal

Inevitably Vocal cover
There have been quite a few compilation releases in the last month or so. Hed Kandi have released three, Fierce Angel launched Disco Angel and I’ve also been supplied with some new material from old favourites. Let’s get this chit chat out the way and commence the track listings…

Track Listing

1. Deejays Associated – Free From Your Life (Funk Vocal Mix)
Kicking off the mix this time round is something a little more dubby than usual (kind of ironic considering the name of this mix!) I found this track amongst the archives of last month and thought he had a great funky disco feel about it – the style you tend to associate with One Phat DJ. Hooky sounds and vocals should get you going nicely anyway. Available on DJ Download.
2. Moses McClean ft Rob Burns – Love Thing (Jay J Shifted Up Mix)
It’s not often we get male vocals in the mix – outside of Peyton and a few others, most the tracks are often fronted by women. Rob Burns has got a fantastic soulful voice which compliments house tracks really well. More down tempo soulful sounds for you to get in to. More Moses McClean and Rob Burns material is available on DJ Download.
3. Blake Reary – Step It Up (Richard Earnshaw Mix)
It might have a cheesy transformation over the vocals but I’m finding this tune really catchy. Synthy hooks and all those other ingredients that make funky house sound so lush are in there with Richard Earnshaw’s remix of Step It Up. Available on DJ Download.
4. CeCe Peniston – I’m Feelin’ U (Ron Carroll’s Original BMC Vocal)
We’re bring the tempo up a bit now with one of my current favourite tracks of the moment. Veteran dance music vocalist CeCe Peniston seems to be making a bit of a comeback at the moment with this track and “Shame Shame Shame” with Soul Shakers (featured in The Phenomena of Funk). Who’s complaining though? This is what funky house is all about. Catchy lyrics, plenty of bass, beats, synths & strings and someone who knows what she’s doing fronting the lot. Great tune! Available on Traxsource.
5. Bonnie Bailey – Kingdom Of Pretty (Bassmonkeys Club Mix)
She was a featured artist last month (unfortunately among some technical issues) and now she’s back with thanks to a remix by One Phat DJ favourites, Bassmonkeys. Dale, Danny and Mike have worked their magic on Kingdom of Pretty and come up trumps with an all round funky number. That bouncy bassline will grab you before you know it, with Bonnie finishing you off by blessing your ears with her beautiful (and if not cute) vocals. Good work to all involved. Keep it comin’ our Fierce Angels! Available on Fierce Angel’s Fierce Disco.
6. Booty Luv – Shine (Moto Blanco Remix)
Seamus Haji’s successful remix project with the Big Brovaz girls (also known as Booty Luv) has returned with another cover. Originally performed by the soul legend Luther Vandross (rest in peace sir) and introduced to the club scene by the Freemasons, Seamus Haji saw an opportunity in this catchy vocal house track nice and early, obviously getting approval from the Vandross estate and the Freemasons to give it his final touch. Not quite as catchy as Boogie 2nite but not a bad follow up track. There is also another remixed cover hovering around the club scene at the moment in the form of Be Without You (available on the Hed Kandi Disco Kandi Mix), so there’s plenty of Booty Luvving to go around. Available everywhere, including DJ Download.
7. Hi On Life ft Joniece – Goodbye (7th Heaven Mirrorball Mix)
The moment you’ll hear these lyrics come in, you’ll be hooked! I’m sure most of you have been in a situation with an Ex and can completely relate with this track. If only it was out earlier otherwise you could have repeated the lyrics! Joniece compliments the funky sounds supplied by Hi On Life extremely well on Goodbye and the 7th Heaven remix finished it off perfectly for me. Available on DJ Download and Traxsource.
8. Beyonce & Shakira – Beautiful Liar (Freemasons Club Vox Mix)
As Chris Moyles put it the other week Freemasons have saved Beyonce’s ass yet again. It might be controversial but I completely agree with him. Beyonce’s material of late hasn’t really had the get up and dance attitude that many of her fans started to love about her. Thankfully, our favourites Russ and James have done what they do best and given this latest offering a kick-ass sound to it, actually giving Shakira something decent for once too. Destined for big things this Summer, this is bound to be blaring out of the club speakers all year now. On general release (and Number 1 in the UK Charts at time of writing).
9. Bini & Martini – Say Yes (The Beginerz Club Vocal Mix)
After all that commercial stuff, you’re probably desperate for something a little different now. Thankfully, some old favourites have come to the rescue with some classy funky house. The Beginerz (who supplied us with one of my all time favourites Reckless Girl way back 2001) has added their touch to house legends Bini & Martini’s “Say Yes“. Catchy vocals, quality sounds and plenty of tempo to get your ass moving. Available on DJ Download.
10. DADA ft Sandy Rivera & Trix – Lollipop (Club Mix)
OK, some might call this track “bad taste”. Others might love the lyrics. I just love it for the fact legend Kings of Tomorrow legend Sandy Rivera is getting in there and treating us to something a little bit electro, a little big eighties, a little bit cheeky. Ministry’s Data Records have snapped this puppy up anyway so expect to hear it all over the place this Summer. Available on DJ Download.
11. Masters At Work – Work (Riffs ‘N’ Rays Remix)
We’re delving into the past now with some reworked classics that are both classed as One Phat Classic or One Phat Tune. First off is Riff n Rays reworking of the classic Masters At Work track “Work”. Having injected a bit more funk into it with some catchy synth hooks, you’ll be hard pushed not to dance to this track. You all know that chant by now surely… “WORK!”. Available on Fierce Angel’s Fierce Disco.
12. FR ft Jenny – Love Is The Music (2007 Gospel Mix)
This is one of my all time favourites, no matter what mix it is. Gospel does tend to take over a lot of my music tastes, maybe is because of the huge vocals, the soul that goes in to the lyrics or just the pure energy involved – we’ll never know. One thing is for sure though – Jenny has a pair of lungs on her! Every time I hear this track I can’t help but attempt to sing along. I’m sure I’m not alone. Even if you’re listening on the train with your iPod on – I dare you sing along. You’ll feel better for it, I promise! Also available on Fierce Angel’s Fierce Disco.


Comments as per usual, are always welcome. Good, bad, strange – everything is taken on board.
If you’re still having download issues, please let me know – I’ll have to look into new hosting (again).
The problem I’m having is the sheer amount of downloads that are happening. As much as Dreamhost are awesome at supplying hosting, they are obviously feeling the pressure of over 10,000 80MB+ downloads every week. My problem is finding someone to supply hosting that can cover these numbers and for as cheap as possible (I don’t get any money back for these mixes remember – it’s all out my own pocket!) If you can offer a reliable server with plenty of bandwidth, get in contact. You could become a life saver (and will be guaranteed CDs of One Phat DJ mixes for the future).

9 responses to “Inevitably Vocal”

  1. Darn download problems! I’m getting a 5 minute snippet which is making me want it more 🙁
    Specially now I have my car stereo fixed…
    Loving the Album Cover Artwork!…

  2. Hey Si, loving this month’s round up. The download worked perfectly for me. I think though that the podcast/enhanced links are the wrong way around. And, my podcast download was only 64MB (instead of 80MB as the site says).
    Congrats on taking out #22 on the podcast charts!

  3. What about spreading the downloads over several dreamhost accounts/servers? I’m sure people here would be willing to help out, I myself have 2TB worth of DH transfer I don’t use every month…

  4. Hi!!
    Congratulations!! This mix is astonishing!! Every track is better than the one before. I live in Alicante, at the south east of Spain. You should come here on a session in one of the local clubs.
    Really, I love your mixes!! My favourite track is that of Freemasons. I love his music!! Thank you very much for this awesome music full of energy.

  5. I was going to plead with you to include Beyonce & Shakira – Beautiful Liar (Freemasons Club Vox Mix), but you already have. Damn you! (But keep reading my mind, I appreciate it)

  6. hey
    trying to download the latest mix and proving a nightmare… currently at 0%, a transfer rate of 565 bytes/second and only 27hrs 30mins to go…

  7. Since stopping here by, I never left this site. No kidding, this is just great music.
    To fix your download problems: What about sharing your music by peer 2 peer? Bit Torrent works fast and simple. Just a Onephat share;)

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