Bring Back The Funk

It may be a little late (with good reason) but it only means you get double the dose this month as this is still classed as the October edition. I bring you the next episode of the One Phat DJ podcastBring Back The Funk.
Bring Back The Funk cover
Last month, I tried a few tunes that weren’t in the typical style of One Phat DJ. It doesn’t mean they’re not some of my favourite flavours of the month. But at the end of the day, all you listeners out there love your funky house so I thought I’d go for something that is bound to please this month. Luckily, we’ve had a couple of great funky disco house compilations this month in the form of Fierce Angel’s Fierce Angel and Hed Kandi’s Disco Kandi so I was armed with plenty of ammo for this months podcast. I’ll point out which tracks are from which albums so if you like the sound of what you’re hearing, pop over to your favourite music store with your pocket money to support the artists and labels.
To give this month’s podcast some real emotion, I’m dedicating the mix to my two week old son Oscar James who was born on 24th October 2006 (hence the delay in the podcast). He has changed mine (and the wife’s) life hugely, bringing out all the love in the family and everyone closer together. It’s amazing what difference 6lbs can make to your life but he has managed it and I can only look forward to the future we have together. Maybe we’ll be hearing One Phat DJ Jr in the future – who knows…
Right, enough with the intro – here are the tracks.

  1. Tom Novy ft Lima – Take It (Closing Time) (Extended Video Mix)
    The man that bought us Your Body last year is back with something a little more soulful this time. Featuring the vocals of the ever-so-delectable Lima, this track was released in August but I completely missed it, whether it was due to lack of exposure or just me with my head in the ground. Anyway, this track has a pretty slow feel but not enough to chill out to – just what we need to kick off this funky mix.
  2. Coldcut ft Robert Owens – Walk A Mile (Tiga Remix)
    Keeping on the slower vibe, Robert Owens supplies the vocals to this sublime track that has been doing the rounds for quite a while now. I only came across this Tiga remix last month but as soon as I heard it, it was in my favourite playlist immediately. This soulful track has always had a classic feel about it, with its thoughtful lyrics accompanying the melodic sound. Tiga just adds that little bit of “oomph” that it needed for a One Phat DJ podcast.
  3. MJ Cole ft Laura Vane – Badboy (Babyback House Remix)
    Back in the late Nineties/early Noughties, MJ Cole was everywhere. It was during the peak of UK garage when the likes of Sincere, Crazy Love and Hold On To Me were blessing the airwaves. I came across this track earlier last month on DJ Download. Having a bit of a soft spot for UK garage, I couldn’t help myself. Download. Mix. Enjoy.
  4. Hardsoul & Ron Carroll – My Life (Original Classic Mix)
    More deep soulful loveliness, this time with thanks to the legend that is Ron Carroll and Hardsoul. Ron Carroll has been on the house circuit since it all began back in Chicago, teaming up with (Lil) Louis Vega, Ron Hardy and Mike Dunn, blessing us with his gospel like sounds. Mixed up with a mellow deep sound and you’re in for a winner.
  5. Freemasons – Rain Down Love (Original Extended Mix)
    Our Brighton Boys are back again with yet more house perfection. Moving to the ever so slightly darker side of funky house compared to Watchin’ and Love On My Mind, this track introduces the vocals of Siedah Garrett. You might recognise a sample of something in there that sounds ever so much like Paul Johnson’s “Get Down” – I’m not sure how much this was intended to mimic the house classic but I’m not one to judge. Russell and James know what gets a crowd going in the club (they’ve got the experience!) so lets just go with it. Buy the way – you can look forward to an album from the Freemasons by the end of the year too if this is your cuppa.
  6. Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (Soul Central Loves Detroit Remix)
    Everywhere you turn at the moment, you will hear those lyrics… “Put Your Hands Up”. Not one to jump on a bandwagon (!), I thought I’d treat you to an alternative remix of the track by Soul Central (also known as Andy Ward & Paul Timothy). This remix has the same feel as Strings Of Life from 2004 but keeps those obligatory lyrics with a proper ripped up feel. Its definitely my preffered version of the track – what about you? Available on the new Disco Kandi release at Amazon (UK).
  7. Bassmonkeys ft Naomi Marsh – The Answer (Original Mix)
    I heard this track a few months back on Fierce Angels’ Es Vive Ibiza mixed compilation and loved it straight away. It was then my quest to find the track for my own personal use. Eventually, it became available on the Fierce Angel compilation last month so I had it in all its extended unmixed glory. Proper funky disco vocal house – exactly what makes One Phat DJ tick. This track has got a fantastic uplifting feel about it. Just enjoy!
  8. Booty Luv – Boogie 2Nite (Seamus Haji Big Love Remix)
    Originally released by Tweet in 2002, it didn’t take long before the remix from Seamus Haji was hitting the dance radio stations and clubs. Unfortunately, it didn’t get the recognition it truly deserved so Nadia and Cherise from UK hip-pop act Big Brovaz got back on the lyrics with more remixes from Seamus Haji and DB Boulevard. This song is destined to be a huge Winter anthem – just remember where you heard it!
  9. Wilder Clarke ft Katherine Ellis – Stand Up (Dennis Christopher Remix)
    Some classic house now on the remix by remixer of the moment, Dennis Christopher, who has also had a helping hand in the popular eighties remixes of late in the form of pop-dance act Beatfreakz (shame on you!). Thankfully, he’s picked a fantastic track to remix here and has pulled it off quite well. Typical big vocals from the diva Katherine Ellis accompanied by strong beats and sounds make this a truly large house tune. Available on the Fierce Angel compilation.
  10. Pleasure Seekers ft Joy Malcolm – Move It (Original)
    What more do you need in a track? You’ve got some fantastic yet simple vocals from the London Lady Joy Malcolm. You’ve got some funky disco sounds including the obligatory strings, bass and synths. Mix it all up and you’ve got a lush concoction of UK house from the Pleasure Seekers. If this doesn’t build up your testosterone, I don’t know what will!
  11. Polyphonics ft Hasina Sheik – Circles (Timmy Vegas Vocal Mix)
    Yet more remixing from that Timmy Vegas, this time injecting his sound into the latest from Polyphonics, aka Patrick Linden and Magnus Palmquist. The boys from Sweden hooked up with Hasina Sheik to create quite a catchy house tune which Timmy Vegas has wrapped up with his added synth loops (among other things). Very catchy and a nice dirty bassline.
  12. Harrison Crump ft Dajae – Deeper (Vocal Mix)
    More funky club sounds with yet more big vocals from Dajae and the legendary producer from Chicago, Harrison Crump. Huge deep sounds with very catchy lyrics. Just jump around and sing – you know you want to.
  13. Rhythm Republic vs Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body (Soul Avengerz Club Mix)
    (One Phat Tune)
    If you’ve never heard these lyrics before, where have you been?? Marshall Jefferson’s addictive and memorable “Rock Your Body” have been circulating around the clubs since the early Nineties and haven’t aged at all. Getting a remix from One Phat DJ favourite DJ producers Soul Avengerz, you’ll find it hard to sit still when the huge synths start pounding on this track. Truly worthy of the One Phat Tune status I’m giving it this month! Available on the Fierce Angel compilation.
  14. Njoi – Anthem (Hoxton Whores Mix)
    (One Phat Classic)
    Now we’re talking! The original version of Njoi’s “Anthem” appeared way back in 1991, just when acid house was getting into the mainstream. Fast forward fifteen years. The Hoxton Whores are busy boys, remixing and producing new tracks what seems like every week but this remix has got my full attention. Feel those piano hooks, feel the lyrics, feel the love put into this production. Pure classic. Just enjoy! (Also available on the Fierce Angel compilation – you know you want to buy it now don’t you?)

Now you know what is in there, why don’t you download it? Hopefully, you’re subscribed to the podcast so the podcast version will automagically appear in your audio inbox. If you fancy something with a little better quality, download the enhanced version. (There’s no CUE file or CD cover this month as the mix is over 80 minutes so it won’t fit on a CD anyway!)
As per usual, let me know what you think in the comments below – it means so much to hear from you out there – listeners, artists, fans… all of you!
Update: I’ve just created a quick CUE file for anyone who wants to split the mix up for easier skipping (if you’ve got the software available). It still won’t fit on a CD but it does make life easier for repeating tracks. (There’s still no 300dpi CD cover – just the 500px version above).


  1. Ben Peters
    9 November 2006

    I have so far downloaded nearly all of the Pod casts and it’s nice to see some good garage and funky house music being mixed rather well….
    Only question I have is there any chance of some real old skool mixes coming out?
    Maybe some SL2, Bizzarre inc? Baby D etc etc…. anything about 10 – 15 years old?
    Keep em coming, they help to make the working day go faster….

  2. 9 November 2006

    What I like from your mixes is that it has such a “feel good” feeling to it.. I always listen to your mixes for new material and of course, get my day started.. and sometimes close the day also.

  3. Greg
    10 November 2006

    Loving the tunes! Especially the Dennis Christopher remix of Stand Up which I first heard when I saw Rob Wilder play at El Divino in Ibiza… the place went nuts 🙂
    That tune is on Disco Kandi (HK63) not Fierce Angel… just got them both tonight, great value since all the tracks are full 12″ mixes.

  4. Adam
    11 November 2006

    Hey Simon
    What more can I say but thanks – your mixes rock! I only stumbled across your mixes last night while looking for all things JPEGS of earphones. *grin* And… since then I’ve been blown away!! Your mixes are so kewl! Actually you’ve introduced me to a whole new thing (well not you but anyway) I didn’t realise that DJ mixes existed for download and hey now I do and I think you are so talented. Anyway, I’ve already downloaded a few plus subscribed to your podcast, so I’ll be waiting with anticipation each month for the next release. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for giving me such pleasure in the last day or so and well… you’ve introduced me to something that I know will now give me many many many more days (and years) of enjoyment. *grin*
    Keep up the GREAT work! And hey congrats to you and your wife for welcoming your new son to the world in the last few weeks.
    A new Aussie Fan!!

  5. 12 November 2006

    Well this one is nice, quite upbeat. Missed your radio Debut last month, hope it went well.
    Hope ur bandwidth charges arn’t too high 🙂

  6. Mark
    14 November 2006

    This is definitely one of the best so far…..

  7. peter tibbs
    14 November 2006

    Well done another top mix , late who care’s as long as their like this. Can’t Wait for next months. Keep em coming

  8. stevey cams
    15 November 2006

    Hows it going champ, well what more can i say mate excellent stuff…… keep up the good work and especially luv all the mixes
    great to see talented people like urself letting the public listen to your great stuff..
    regards Stevey from down under

  9. Andy
    21 November 2006

    The cuesheet supplies does not split, here is a fixed copy:
    PERFORMER “One Phat DJ”
    TITLE “Bring Back The Funk”
    FILE bring_back_the_funk_enhanced.mp3 MP3
    TITLE “Take It (Closing Time) (Extended Video Mix)”
    PERFORMER “Tom Novy ft Lima”
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
    TITLE “Walk A Mile (Tiga Remix)”
    PERFORMER “Coldcut ft Robert Owens”
    INDEX 01 04:03:69
    TITLE “Badboy (Babyback House Remix)”
    PERFORMER “MJ Cole ft Laura Vane”
    INDEX 01 11:03:69
    TITLE “My Life (Original Classic Mix)”
    PERFORMER “Hardsoul & Ron Carroll”
    INDEX 01 16:02:71
    TITLE “Rain Down Love (Original Extended Mix)”
    PERFORMER Freemasons
    INDEX 01 22:48:66
    TITLE “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (Soul Central Loves Detroit Remix)”
    PERFORMER “Fedde Le Grand”
    INDEX 01 29:03:73
    TITLE “The Answer (Original Mix)”
    PERFORMER “Bassmonkeys ft Naomi Marsh”
    INDEX 01 33:56:21
    TITLE “Boogie 2Nite (Seamus Haji Big Love Remix)”
    PERFORMER “Booty Luv”
    INDEX 01 40:11:24
    TITLE “Stand Up (Dennis Christopher Remix)”
    PERFORMER “Wilder Clarke ft Katherine Ellis”
    INDEX 01 46:26:19
    TITLE “Move It (Original)”
    PERFORMER “Pleasure Seekers ft Joy Malcolm”
    INDEX 01 51:33:63
    TITLE “Circles (Timmy Vegas Vocal Mix)”
    PERFORMER “Polyphonics ft Hasina Sheik”
    INDEX 01 58:41:19
    TITLE “Deeper (Vocal Mix)”
    PERFORMER “Harrison Crump ft Dajae”
    INDEX 01 63:56:20
    TITLE “Move Your Body (Soul Avengerz Club Mix)”
    PERFORMER “Rhythm Republic vs Marshall Jefferson”
    INDEX 01 70:11:17
    TITLE “Anthem (Hoxton Whores Mix)”
    PERFORMER “Njoi”
    INDEX 01 76:15:24

  10. 21 November 2006

    Thanks Andy.
    I’ve updated the downloadable CUE file as WordPress is removing the underscores from the filename due to one of the installed plugins.

  11. […] Hot on the heels of Love On My Mind was Watchin’ – Freemason’s follow up track which proved the Brighton Boys were definitely not a one-trick pony. Among what seemed like hundreds of remixes, Watchin’ was the track that nailed it for me, even if it was a remix/cover of a classic Birmingham white label. Expect more from the Freemasons later this month with their third track Rain Down Love (featured in Bring Back The Funk) and a new album by the end of January. […]

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