Funky House Finesse 10

We’re already half way through August – where has that time gone?
Well, don’t let it dampen your spirits as Funky House Finesse for the second of three doses this month, bringing you a stonking collection of funky house delights yet again, all mixed up by One Phat DJ and presented by Ben Day for two hours of sexy grooves to prepare you for another Saturday night.
Among this week’s selection are a few familiar faces such as our favourite Joey Negro‘s Sunburst Band, Dimitri From Paris, Soul Avengerz, Susu Bobien, Mark Pichiotti and Alec Sun Drae, plus a load of other sexy new tracks from some of our favourite labels like Purple Music, King Street, Peppermint Jam and Blueplate Global.
We’ve also take on a slightly different approach with Disco Tech this week, introducing some jackin’ house tracks that have been lying around One Phat DJ’s box for a few months. Let us know what you think and whether you’d like to hear more like this.
This month, we also extend our reach by joining House Music Podcasts – another emerging broadcast network setup by the brains behind Lifted Radio, Mark Masters and Tom Upton. At present, this is just a podcast service of hand-picked DJs but they are planning a whole load of new services including a streaming radio system. Check it out and subscribe.
Don’t forget we’ve now got a dedicated hotline for your messages and shout outs. It was pretty quiet last month so make sure you give us a call and leave a message, tell us what party plans you have, maybe make some requests – it’s up to you. Call 0121 288 3101 now!
Finally, we’re planning on highlighting the last six months in the next Funky House Finesse show, selecting some of our favourite tracks from previous shows. Let us know what tracks stick out for you and we’ll be sure to get them in there.
Enjoy the show!
Funky House Finesse 10 - 15th August 2009


Download Funky House Finesse 10 MP3 (~110MB, Right-click > Save As)

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  1. I cant seem to be able to right click and download properly, when I right click and save as it saves it as a web page (using Firefox). There is no option for me to save as mp3, any ideas?

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