Whole Lotta Lovin’

It’s mix time again people. More funky house, more disco sounds, more sing-along dance tracks. The tunes this month all tend to be related around the same topic – love. So when it came to naming the mix, it only seemed appropriate – here is “Whole Lotta Lovin'”.
Whole Lotta Lovin' cover

Last month, the October mix was late but I also treated you to an exclusive radio mix (with interview) to make up for it. Well, I’m going to be cheeky now and claim this one as the December mix (just so I’m up to date). No excuses for the lateness – just many late nights with baby and catching up with work. I promise I’ll get back on top of it in the New Year!
The majority of the tracks in this month’s mix are available on DJ Download. I’ve managed to dig out all the funky ones for you to enjoy so if you like any, go and buy. From £1 per tune, you can’t go wrong! I’ve also finished off the mix with a couple of classics from the download only album Hed Kandi Deluxe from DJ Download, which is basically a DJ friendly version of the latest Hed Kandi compilation, Hed Kandi Classics. I seriously suggest you dig into your pockets for one of these albums with the party season coming up. You can’t beat a bit of funky house to get you going for a night out. Download or CD – its up to you (download is cheaper though and its all in MP3 so you can burn it to CD if you so wish).

Track listings

01. Dirty Old Ann – Turn Me On (Full Vocal Club Mix)
I’m kicking off this month’s mix with a mashup track that has already gained commercial appeal. One half of Freemasons, James Wiltshire has worked with Vincent Morrisey on this big track which mixes up The Three Degrees “Dirty Ol’ Man” with Kathy Brown’s classic vocals from “Turn Me Out”. Belting track to kick off this mix!
02. Rhythm Royal – Summer Love (Original)
This French house sounding track has a very distinctive disco groove to it. The track was produced in Switzerland by Ricky Steam of the Disco Dandies and with vocals by Jim C and has a great jammy guitar sound with a funky bassline. There are also numerous other remixes available on DJ Download if you like your house a little harder.
03. Moment Of Truth – Lovin You Is Killing Me (Harlem Hustler Discomonster Mix)
This track has a real classic feel about it – it’s almost as if we were back in the seventies! Originally released back in 2004, it wasn’t long before Moment of Truth disbanded so this was all we got treated to. This is proper soulful Philly sounds that wouldn’t feel out of place in an actual discotheque.
04. Harrison Crump ft Dajae – Searchin (CR Project Mix)
Having played Harrison Crump and Dajae last month in the form of “Deeper”, I thought it I’d treat you to another funky track from these two monsters of house that has also been released recently. More soulful, disco house with catchy hooks and lyrics.
05. Jamiroquai – Runaway (Grant Nelson Remix)
I’ve always had a thing about Jamiroquai. I’ve loved their classic acid disco sound since they started out 15 odd years ago, something they’ve never lost. The latest offering “Runaway” is your typical Jamiroquai affair – plenty of funk and freshness. I just thought I’d give you the extra clubby remix from our favourite producer Grant Nelson who’s added a few more beats and synthy sounds.
06. Eyes Of Love – My Love Is You (Old School Mix)
Here we go! I’m turning the pace up a bit now with some added “oomph” from some new Italian talent called “Eyes of Love”, also known as Federico Mahjong Conti & Sarah Grimaldi. You might have heard Sarah’s vocals previously in The Lovemakers’ “I Get This Feeling” so you should know what to expect. Big vocals, plenty of funkiness – great track proving the Italians are just as good as the Brits, French and Yanks at funky house.
07. Restless & Volatile ft Brenda – When I’m With You (Original)
I’m afraid I haven’t got much info on these guys so if you’re out there, get in contact. Anyway, more synthy/piano house to get the pace going, accompanied by some lush diva vocals on this upbeat track, which wouldn’t sound out of place in Timmy Vegas/Soul Central’s back catalogue.
08. Milk & Sugar pres MS2 – Stay Around (For This) (Eddie Thoneick Classic Mix)
I’m loving this track! Those Milk & Sugar boys are still creating nice big tracks and this one is no exception. Originally released back in 2003, this track is getting a re-release accompanied by some fresh new remixes, including this one from Eddie Thoneick. It’s got a fantastic build up which comes to a peak bringing all the different sounds together in the middle. One for the clubs thats for sure!
09. Eddie Thoneick ft Berget Lewis – Deeper Love (Ruff Mix)
Look who it is – more tunage from Mr Thoneick. This time, he’s gone a bit darker and deeper with a remix of the classic track by Aretha Franklin but don’t worry – its still of top quality and will certainly keep you going now you’re on that high!
10. Those Guys – I Walk Alone (Haji & Emanuel Remix)
Those Guys are a relatively new outfit that I can’t find out much information about. All I know is they’re signed up with the ever growing Big Love label and Seamus Haji has obviously fancied ripping up the track himself for release. Who are we to complain? This is a fantastic example of what he’s good at with catchy vocals, big sounds and a nice dirty bassline. Keep it up boys!
11. Danny Howells & Dick Trevor ft Erire – Dusk Till Dawn (Shapeshifters Remix)
The first track of two from the Hed Kandi Deluxe/Classic release. I loved this track when it came out a few years back. The fact it got remixed by One Phat DJ favourites Shapeshifters didn’t do it any harm neither. Anyway, it doesn’t need any explanations – certainly worthy of One Phat Tune status though, that’s for sure!
12. Joey Negro ft Taka Boom – Must Be The Music (Club Mix)
The second track from Hed Kandi Deluxe, this time from the genius known as Joey Negro (among other guises). Assisted by the diva Taka Boom, this track takes me back to the days when I started clubbing and DJing (1999). Pure CLASSIC!

OK, now you know what’s in there, why don’t you go downloading…?

As per usual leave your comments, let me know what you think. It all adds to the fun!
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Last, but no means least, have a very Merry Christmas and a Phat New Year. It’s party time people!


  1. anonymous
    7 December 2006

    Any cuesheets? I love bumpin your tracks up loud in the car… 😉

  2. 7 December 2006

    Your wish is my command Anonymous. I planned on sorting one out at some point anyway – just never got around to it.
    Check out the downloads section anyway – that should do the job.

  3. Pete
    12 December 2006

    Can you feel the LOVE in this episode, I can, absolutely loved this mix. Top tunes and top mixing, nice one.
    Pete, London (UK)

  4. richard cole
    20 December 2006

    im a whole lotta loving this…….love it love it love it….as usual mr joblin u’v rocked it. i take my funky hat off……youve gotta keep doin these mixes cos theyre a lifeline…. the proverbial saving straw in a sea of mos compliation misery!!!!!

  5. […] the sample used in this track from Those Guys – I Walk Alone (Haji & Emanuel Remix) back on Whole Lotta Lovin’ last December (which I know was also a resample but can’t for the life of me think from […]

  6. Jo
    10 January 2008

    Arghhh help.. had major probs with itunes, which resulted in me losing all my Phat podcasts… I’ve managed to download the last 24 in itunes but i cant seem to get anymore… there was a particular cast that was what got me hooked, had “Every Word” at 13/19mins… tried searching through the archive but can’t locate.. was sure it was called lose the phat.. but i only have lose that phat.. am i losing it?!

  7. werutzb
    8 October 2008

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