Two Be In Love

Another month, another mix – this time featuring music I got my grubby mits on throughout the month of August (if you weren’t aware, all podcasts feature tracks I get hold of the previous month, with occasional exception for the last two tracks of the mix).
Last month saw some great releases, not just singles and promos but with albums from Mark Doyle‘s Fierce Angel too. Beach Angel 2007 hit the shelves on August 23rd 2007 to bring the Summer to a close with some relatively downbeat tracks from the house industry. I’ve featured some of my favourite tracks from the compilation so you can get a taster of the album. If you like what you hear, why not go buy it?
While most of you associate August with the good times of festivals, holidays and parties, I am also fortunate enough to celebrate my wedding anniversary (its the thirteenth if anyone is interested). For that reason, this podcast is dedicated to my beautiful and amazing wife, Lizzy. She is also a big lover of funky vocal house music and the final two tracks are actually some of her all time favourites – it’s not just a coincidence they are featured on Beach Angel 2007 you know?
Anyway, without further ado, I present to you Episode 31 of the One Phat DJ Podcast – “Two Be In Love”.
Two Be In Love cover

Track Listing

  1. Axwell ft Max ‘CI Found You (Vocal Remode)
    Label: Positiva
    Released: 12th August 2007
    Position: 00:00:00:00
    Let’s kick things off with a monster of a track. This Summer has seen the return of Denmark’s finest producer Axwell with an awesome tune resembling sounds from the early Nineties. Featuring the husky voice of Max ‘C, it’s hard to think of any reason why anyone can’t enjoy this beauty with its acid-inspired beats, broken up with some really upbeat piano loops and that ridiculously catchy chorus. Top marks!
  2. Mark Picchiotti presents SybilAs A Child (Mark!’s Funk Vocal Remix)
    Label: Blueplate
    Released: 10th August 2007
    Position: 00:05:15:00
    Buy: Traxsource
    The Italian House legend has come up trumps with this sweet funky number. Teaming up with vocalist Sybil, they have delivered a storming tribute to childhood (you can’t fault their efforts to cover an original topic, that’s for sure!). Sybil’s vocals harness the lyrics perfectly while the general producion is second to none. There’s plenty to get your ears around on this track and I’m sure you’ll be skipping back to listen again after a few plays.
  3. Earnshaw & GilesRound & Round (Main Cut)
    Label: Duffnote
    Released: 20th August 2007
    Position: 00:11:45:00
    This dubby track from comes from the partnership of awesome producer Richard Earnshaw and Escape Resident & Disco Kid Darren Giles. It has obviously taken some inspiration from the 1980 disco classic “Upside Down” by Diana Ross. Promoted as an actual “original disco sample” (I find that hard to believe but it’s probably true), it has certainly caught my attention. It’s a well produced track containing all the ingredients to make it just work. It’s nothing mind blowing but seems ideal during this warm up period.
  4. SoularisBack Together (DJ Meme & Mod Mix)
    Label: Sun Soaked
    Released: 7th August 2007
    Position: 00:17:52:37
    You may have heard this track by now around the club circuit or on the specialist weekend radio shows – its a fantastic vocal track, perfect for commercial release. The vocals are fantastic – I’ve always been a huge fan of decent male vocalists in house music and this guy knows how to strike a chord. Not to take any limelight away from the female vocals neither – the juxtaposition between the two works really well with the lyrics, like a modern Dirty Dancing if you must. More importantly though, this track has an awesome uplifting feel which you can’t ignore. I dare you to join in on that chorus!
  5. Eighteen ft Stephanie Mills(You’re Putting) A Rush On Me (Moto Blanco Mix)
    Label: AATW
    Released: TBC
    Position: 00:23:07:37Originally featured on Fierce Angel’s Es Vive Ibiza 2007, this track hit a nerve with me. It was probably the simple anthemic synth chords laid throughout the track, it could have even been the snappy vocals from the lovely Stephanie – whatever it was, it worked for me. It obviously received fantastic feedback anyway as it wasn’t long before Doyle was featuring it on the follow up album, Beach Angel 2007 in all its unmixed extended beauty. There are limited promos flying around of the tune with several other remixes throw in for good measyre (none of them really making an impression on me to be honest) but it is sure to get an official launch some time soon if you’re after a copy. Until then, I suggest you go along and grab Es Vive Ibiza or Beach Angel.
  6. Ijah ft D’EmpressNitelife (Grant Nelson Remix)
    Label: Big Love
    Released: 4th September 2007
    Position: 00:29:15:00
    This exclusive promo from the vaults of Seamus Haji’s Big Love label is oh-so-typical of what I love about the British house music scene – plenty of life and soulful sounds thrown in to create a track ideal for motivating the crowds. Featuring the vocal talents of the legendary D’Empress, Nitelife is destined to feature throughout the house scene for the rest of the year. It will inevitably find its way on to a Hed Kandi release at least.
  7. Bassmonkeys ft Naomi MarshThe Answer (Eric Kupper Dub)
    Label: Fierce Angel
    Released: TBC
    Position: 00:34:00:00
    “Not again?” I hear you cry. Well, it’s back in the podcast and it’s back for good reason! After much plugging and promoting, the Bassmonkey’s are finally getting their cumuppence with a full commercial release. With an army of producers including Steve Mac, Gold and Smax and Eric Kupper getting their dirty mits on the track, ripping it up and making it their own, it’s obviously touched a nerve in the scene. With full support from Fierce Angel, it will be hard to miss “The Answer” over coming months. I’ve got a little treat for the first person to leave a comment below too – I’ve managed to get my hands on a spare promo copy of the CD. Write a review of the mix and I’ll send you the promo. It’s that easy!
  8. Barbara TuckerLove Vibrations (Georgie’s Love Club Mix)
    Label: B Star
    Released: 30th August 2007
    Position: 00:40:00:00
    The Queen of House is back and with yet another belter of a track. After the success of Most Precious Love, there’s no stopping our Babs. With more singing about love and more remixes than you could shake a stick at, this is another track you will struggle to avoid during the latter months of the year. As Ms Tucker puts it during the breakdown she’s “not gonna give up”.
  9. Sergio Flores vs. Mitomi TokotoHold On (That Piano Track) (Sergio Fores Vocal Mix)
    Label: Purple Tracks
    Released: 15th June 2007
    Position: 00:45:30:00
    OK – it might be a bit late showcasing a track from June but I only discovered this track last month. And its a stomper! Sampling a classic track I can’t put my finger on while introducing a bit of a tribal beat with awesome vocals from Mitomi Tokoto, this is sure to raise your adrenaline. I’ve been loving this track all Summer – it’s been on my iPod Shuffle for the last month or so and got a thorough hammering during my holiday in Greece. I’m pretty sure it will go down well with the regular listeners.
  10. Albert Cabrera ft Alex CartanaDig The Vibes (Original 12″ Mix)
    Label: Kidology Records
    Released: 16th July 2007
    Position: 00:50:48:56
    More treats from Beach Angel 2007, this time from upcoming producer Albert Cabrera and vocalist Alex Cartana. Resembling the sounds of early 90’s acid, this is sure to go down well with the clubbers among you.
  11. Henrik B ft Terri BSoul Heaven (E-Squire Mix)
    Label: Boss Records
    Released: 13th July 2007
    Position: 00:56:07:37
    Sampling the 2001 Summer hit of the same name by Goodfellas, this is bound to strike a chord with some of you house lovers out there. The eagle-eyed among you might even notice that I dropped the Micky Slim remix in Something Dirty last month (which really was an awesome cut up of the original). Anyway, it seemed only right to feature the funkier E-Squire mix in the normal podcast, if only to take you long term fans back a few years. With added club atmosphere, it’s perfect to take us into the peak of the mix.
  12. GadjoSo Many Times (Original 12″ Mix)
    Label: Subliminal
    Released: 27th September 2004
    Buy: Fierce Angel – Beach Angel 2007
    Position: 01:01:22:37Going in to the final part of the mix, we kick off proceedings with the anthem that is Gadjo’s “So Many Times”. It was a huge hit back in 2004, lapping up the commercial success it so rightly deserved, appearing on the majority of the dance compilations of the year and it certainly made a mark on myself and the wife. It was one of our favourite tracks of the year so this is going out to you, lady! I think its safe to say we will all enjoy this one.
  13. MAW pres IndiaTo Be In Love (Knee Deep Re-Edit) Label: Defected
    Released: 19th July 1999
    Buy: Fierce Angel – Beach Angel 2007
    Position: 01:07:22:37
    It’s time for a Classic now, and what a classic it is. Every lover of house music should know this track from 1999, made by arguably the Godfathers of House Masters of Work (also known as Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzales and Little Louie Vega), so it really shouldn’t need any introduction. Needless to say, its an all-time favourite for myself and Lizzy so let’s just kick back and enjoy it in all its glory.


Comments are more than welcome. The last podcast Something Dirty received a few more criticisms than I expected so I’m not sure what the future holds for that style of mixes in the podcast. Anyhow, I’m returning to my roots here so hopefully, you’ll be a lot happier. Let me know what you think either way.
Update: Christian Rode has kindly sorted out a CUE file for this mix so why not go download it if you want to burn the mix to CD?

9 responses to “Two Be In Love”

  1. Would have to say with all of the samples and the last track with India, this all takes me back to better days!!
    Fantastic mix yet again – Kepp em coming.

  2. Hello Simon – great work!!! Especially keen to see AAC with chapters and artwork in iTunes friendly version 🙂
    Seem to have a problem though as I can’t play beyond chapter 7 (Bassmonkeys). The file I downloaded (through iTunes) is 34.5 MB and states it is 1:13:02 long although it only plays to 36:14 and then stops 🙁
    If I download the enhanced version from this page it plays nice all the way through.
    Fantastic tooooons!

  3. […] The album includes some monster tracks that I have already put the One Phat Approval on, including the Wideboy’s “Bomb The Secret” (featured in the Best Of 2007, Pt 2 – Crescendo), “Love Is The Music” from FR & Jenny (featured in Inevitably Vocal), the Bassmonkey’s remix of Bonnie Bailey’s “Kingdom Of Pretty” (also in Inevitably Vocal) and “Rush On Me” by Eighteen and Stephanie Mills (featured in Two Be In Love). […]

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