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I hinted a few weeks ago towards some fairly big One Phat DJ news. Well, it is slightly delayed but after getting confirmation this morning, I can finally make the announcement…
One Phat DJ is hitting the radio!
Last month, I was approached by Eugine Pinkerton (also known as Paul Hopwood) of QMR – “the UK’s brightest radio station” to do a guest mix for his Saturday night show. I’ll let his introduction do the talking…

Playing the best party dance, hip hop & r&b music to carry on that Saturday night feeling, what ever it is your doing, wherever it is you are doing it!

Paul told me he has been a regular listener to the One Phat DJ podcast for quite a while and had the idea of bringing in guests mixes for the second half of the show. He approached me last month about doing the first guest mix for his show, as well as a ten minute interview to allow the listeners to get to know who One Phat DJ actually is.
The interview and mix will be broadcast live tomorrow night (14th October 2006) on QMR’s website from 9pm through to 12am (all BST, GMT+1, for those International listeners).
For anyone who is planning a night in, I suggest you pop over to the website, load up the live stream (Windows Media Player I’m afraid!) and listen in. If you’re not available, I will hopefully be making the mix available for download (with interview) in the next week so you can look forward to that.
All that is left to say is if you get to listen to the show, let me know what you think. Let’s hope this is the first of many!


  1. 14 October 2006

    great stuff.. congratulations in having a guest spot.. cheers! looking forward to it..

  2. 15 October 2006

    Tre cool, I’ll have a listen if you can get it up for download

  3. 3 November 2006

    Hi Simon,
    Just popping on to say thanks for doing the guest mix for my QMR radio show.
    It has received a very positive response and was also the first ever guest mix we’ve had on the show.
    Keep up the good work, and keep those excellent podcasts coming.
    Kind regards
    Eugine Pinkerton

  4. martyn riesner
    23 November 2006

    been listening to your pod casts for a long time now and have spread the word – your a top bloke and mix some top tunes.
    when is si jobling going on tour?

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