Feb ’08 – Crescendo

It’s time to pick up the pace for the second part of the One Phat DJ Podcast for February 2008. The Warm Up should have introduced you to some relatively mellow funky new material, limbering up those muscles (vocal and limbs) for a truly amazing climax to the month.
This mix has some real diversity to it. Whether that’s a good thing or not, I don’t know. The fact we have the RnB Queens Mary J. Blige and Janet Jackson in there, alongside big bassline favourites Addictive and H Two O, you know you’ll be treated to some variety.
I’m not sure how “twisted” I’ll be taking future Crescendo mixes but this month’s mix takes a real plunge into the dark depths of the funky house scene. I’ve been listening to some quite tense tracks over the last few months and found some firm favourites that I’ve shared with you towards the end of this mix.
I’ve even featured an artist I’d never thought would make it into the podcast – Dizzee Rascal. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at his material but when I saw Radio 1‘s latest addition Dave Spoon had put “Flex” through his sampler, I had to give it a try. I was hooked! What a catchy and sweet bassline. Dave also gets his reworking of Dave Lee‘s classic “Latronica” track in the mix too – he’s obviously been a busy producer over the last few months!
Anyway, enough rambling! Here is Episode 41 of the One Phat DJ Podcast, originally titled “Feb ’08 – Crescendo“.
Feb '08 Crescendo artwork, by Sukhi Dehal, creative director at Birmingham's 383 Project


Track Listing

  1. Mary J. BligeJust Fine (Moto Blanco Club Vox Mix)

  2. Nowak ft D’LaynaStand Up (Funkness Extended Mix)

  3. Dave Armstrong & Redroche ft H-BoogieLove Has Gone (Wez Clarke Remix)

  4. Deepswing ft Brijai HarveyListen To My Power (Rob King & Steve Baca’s Insomnious Mix)

  5. Addictive ft T2Gonna Be Mine (Simmons & Christopher Remix)

  6. H Two O ft PlatnumWhats It Gonna Be (Jason Herds MoFunk Remix)

  7. Janet JacksonFeedback (Moto Blanco Full Vocal Mix)

  8. 7th Heaven ft Kathrine EllisAint Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent (7th Heaven Club Mix)

    • Unsigned
    • Released: Promo
    • 00:39:37:50
  9. Aaron PerezSinister Subconscious (Hott 22 Remix)

  10. DJ DLGParamount (Dave Armstrong Remix)

  11. RJ Productions526 (Stockholm Syndrome Remix)

  12. RadioplasticModern Age (Napt Remix)

  13. Dave LeeLatronica (Dave Spoon Club Mix)

  14. Dizzee RascalFlex (Dave Spoon Remix)


  1. 4 March 2008

    Thought I had commented oops. Loving this mix. Am jumping about at working listening to it 🙂
    If i had 2 words : uplifting and funky. As I have already mentioned, the artwork is a little hard to read but very nice. Stay safe

  2. Jeff Pepperell
    4 March 2008

    The voice over´s are getting worse! You dont need to tell us who you are between every other track, I know its you, its your podcast! Just spoils it for me!

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