Bright Times

Not only are we now well into the Summer months (in the Northern Hemisphere at least), but big things are changing for me personally. The other week, I was offered the job of a life time down in London, one that I couldn’t turn away. With a new job in sight, it also meant it was time to relocate with the family. The finer details will be unveiled very soon when everything has been signed, sealed and delivered.
On top of that, our friend DJ Cruze and his lovely wife Clare (who does the “One Phat DJ” sound bites for the podcast) have just welcomed their first born in to the world. I’m sure there are high expectations of little Daniel to follow in his daddy’s footsteps as a DJ. Congratulations to you all anyway!
With all the good news happening in the last month, it seems only right to celebrate with some of the latest releases in the funky house world in Episode 27 of the One Phat DJ Podcast, Bright Times .
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Track Listings

1. Steven Stone ft Sibylle – Don’t Get Confused (Original Mix) [00:00:00:00]
We kick off the affair with a beautiful track from producer Steven Stone with Sibylle Faessler on the vocals. “Don’t Get Confused” oozes that Summer feel – the subtle synths and guitar riffs come together with some really catchy lyrics. Released on Soul Funk, available at Traxsource.
2. Park Street ft Diana Waite – Pressure (Richard Earnshaw Classic Vocal Mix) [00:05:59:22]
The Master of Lounge-Bar House, Richard Earnshaw, returns with another fantastic remix for the next track. Picking the pace up ever so slightly, “Pressure” comes courtesy of British producers Park Street and vocalist Diana White and is sure to deliver. With huge support from around the industry, you’ll be hearing a lot of these guys over the next few months. Released on Double Shock Recordings, available on Traxsource.
3. BSJ ft Andrea Grant – Good In My Soul (Roberto De Carlo Remix) [00:11:15:00]
We continue the mix with more mellow grooves, this time with Bobby & Steve and James Ratcliff (aka BSJ) and Andrea Grant on the vocals. You’re treated to some lush sounds and lyrics with the soul purpose making you feel good. Released on Zoo Groove Stereo, available to download from Traxsource.
4. One Foot In The Groove ft Lynsey Davies – That’s The Way It Is (Club Vocal) [00:17:16:50]
Time to turn it up a bit now. Lynsey Davies should get you singing along to this track destined for Summer Anthem status. This is one of my favourite tunes of the moment – I just love those hooky guitar riffs and bass lines. Released on One Foot In The Groove Records, available on Traxsource.
5. Discorados – Get Down – Saturday Night (Original) [00:22:30:00]
I feel its time for some real disco sounds now – enter the rather aptly named Discorados. “Get Down – Saturday Night” is one of those tracks containing all the ingredients you need for a disco-inspired track – bouncy beats, brass, synths and bass lines, not forgetting some truly large vocals you’d struggle to forget. This should get you going! Released on Delicious Garden Recordings, available on TuneTribe.
6. Orange Muse ft D’Empress – After All (Original Mix) [00:29:07:37]
Yet more vocal wonders are supplied for our next track, this time compliments of Diane Charlemagne, known to you and me as D’Empress. She’s teamed up with Swedish producers Tobias Lindén & Mats Landberg, Orange Muse and put together this cheeky little number. Enjoy! Released on Map Dance, available on DJ Download.
7. Mutya Buena – Real Girl (Moto Blanco Remix) [00:35:00:00]
The ex-Sugababe has returned with a fantastic debut track, originally accompanied by a sample from Lenny Kravitz’s “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over“. When popular producers Micki Moto and Bobby Blanco got there hands on the track for a remix, they obviously felt inspired by those formidable strings so kept them in as well as injecting a soulful collection of upbeat tempos and catchy synths. Catchy lyrics finish the production off perfectly, lending a much needed helping hand to Mutya’s return. Released on Island Records, available on Amazon.
8. Sunloverz ft Nicole Tyler – Survive (Original) [00:40:22:37]
Cover time! This isn’t the first time Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” has been remixed/covered/ripped off but it sure as hell is a nice attempt. Adding some dirty sounds into the mix has certainly paid off in my opinion. Let me know what you think. Released on Lickin Records, available on Audio Jelly.
9. Taka Boom – Treat Me Right (Jason Karl Remix) [00:45:22:37]
While we’re on a retro disco vibe, the sister of Chaka Khan is making a return with this catchy vocal monster track. Taka Boom has got back in the recording studio to create a really cool, catchy track for the Ibiza season (there’s even video evidence on YouTube). Jason Karl has added some extra club atmosphere in this limited edition promo remix but expect to hear the track all over the circuit over coming months with many different mixes available on Jak Records.
10. Dave Lee – Latronica (Joey Negro Club Mix) [00:50:22:37]
You can’t mention Taka Boom without also mentioning the guy that originally made her name in the house music industry. Resorting to his original guise, Dave Lee (also known as Joey Negro) has resampled one of his older tracks into a dubby affair to hit the Ibiza club season. Dave is obviously attempting to make a bit of a comeback this year, what with AC Soul Symphony starting to gain commercial appeal and this number being aimed at the club scene. Who’s to blame him? When you’ve got skills like this, I’m not complaining! Go get his album, “The Many Faces of Joey Negro“.
11. Hott 22 ft Angie Zee – Just Friends (Hott 22 Remix) [00:54:07:37]
After all that, you probably want a breather – let Hott 22 and Angie Zee entertain you with this great feeling club track. “Just Friends” feels just like a track that would go down a treat at the peak of a club session. The subtle vocals lay over the progressive build up just right – I’m sure you’ll appreciate the beautiful sounds of Hott 22. Released on Gossip Records, available on Traxsource.
12. Andy & The Lamboy ft Terry Maxx – Walkin In The Name 2007 (Funked Up Mix) [01:00:37:37]
I found the original version of this track way back in 1999 and it quickly became a favourite. Regulars at my gigs became quite acquainted with the vocals of Terry Max (often mixed in with Georgie Porgie’s ‘Life Goes On’) and it became a firm favourite in the record box. When I discovered the beauty had been treated to some 2007 remixes, it wasn’t long before I had snapped them up. Now you beautiful people can fall witness to One Phat Tune.
13. Phats & Small – Turn Around (Norman Cook Remix) [01:07:59:05]
We’re nearing the end of the mix now so that can only mean one thing – we need a Classic! I’m going back to 1999 with this one – back when Fatboy Slim was becoming a household name, when Ben Onono was an actual celebrity, when the Freemasons were known as Phats and Small. “Turn Around” was a massive dance music h
it back in 1999 and is still sang by Ben on his whistle stop tours of the UK. But it’s not the original version that you will be copping a load of – oh no! This is fellow Brightonian Normal Cook’s reworking of it. This is one of my all time favourites, therefore requires the status of One Phat Classic.


Download issues should be resolved now. I’ve resorted to purchasing a new server while researching alternative cheaper solutions but feel free to donate towards hosting (via Dreamhost). There have been a few mentions from listeners of using BitTorrent as a source for downloading but I’m unsure whether iTunes will support this. If not, get on it Apple!
Anyway, enjoy the mix and leave your comments as you normally do.