Over The Rainbow

It’s official – this has been the worst British Summer this millennium! The weather has been terrible and dampened spirits as well as the general landmass of the UK. I know there has been some terrible news coming from the vast amounts of rain but the name of this mix is an attempt to look past the negative side of the weather, focusing more on the bright side of things (with a few camp connotations thrown in for good measure).
With all the crazy things taking over my life over the last few months, I’m hoping the listeners out there will forgive me for the lateness of the July edition of the podcast. Anyway, quit your winging and check out the tunes.
Over The Rainbow cover

Track Listings

  1. Beyonce – “Green Light” (Freemasons Remix)
    I’m kicking off this podcast with something completely commercial for once. Beyonce has recently had a stint of records relying entirely on the Freemasons making them sound good, starting off with Deja Vu (definitely sounding better than the original), followed up with her collaboration with bum-shaking Shakira (two of the sexiest artists from the Americas and all that dancing certainly looked better at a faster tempo) and now with the synths and beats treatment on Green Light (which is definitely an improvement on the tediously slow album version). Some might say it all sounds very similar but there’s no arguing the fact that if the Freemasons’ weren’t around, would Beyonce? I seriously doubt she’d be doing as well. Released under Sony BMG on 27 July 2007, available to download from iTunes.
    Time 00m 00s
  2. Paul Gardner & Hugh Gunnell ft Angie Brown – “Make My Love” (Original)
    Lifting the tempo straight away (and veering away from the commercial stuff at the same time), its time for Paul Gardner and Hugh Gunnell with the legendary vocalist Angie Brown. This is a great funky number, full of catchy synth loops in true podcast style. Angie lends her voice perfectly to this track although I feel the lyrics could have done with some work. Hopefully, we can expect a radio friendly version with additional lyrics in the near future. Released under Housonic on 16 July 2007, available to download from DJ Download and Traxsource.
    Time 04m 09s 28ms
  3. Justin Michael ft Jackie Wilson – “Funky Love” (Born To Funk Remix)
    As if Paul, Hugh and Angie didn’t warm you up enough, its time for Justin Michael and Jackie Wilson to take the reins and don’t they do so in style? I dare you to listen to this track just the once without skipping back. Those infectious synths will have you jumping around like a loon and Ms Wilson’s minimal but sweet vocals should make sure you’re well and truly on your way to a funky crescendo. Released under Swank Recordings on 23 April 2007, available to download from Traxsource.
    Time 10m 24s 28ms
  4. Starchaser ft Shena – “Let Your Mind Go” (Original Radio Edit)
    Surely you remember the lovely Shena from De Souza’s “Guilty” earlier in the year? Well, she’s back with yet more fresh vocals in this great tune, accompanying producer Starchaser with a track full of synths, strings and pure unadulterated funk. Whether this track will actually surface on the commercial scene is a different topic but you can be sure to expect it will get some awesome support around the clubs over the next few months. Get word out, make this a huge hit! Released under Ego on 28 June 2007. Available to download from DJ Download.
    Time 15m 54s 280ms
  5. Hot 22 – “Before I Let You In” (Original)
    It’s those Italian producers again – they’re back with yet another huge hot tune to pump out your speakers (or headphones). I can’t for the life of me work out where they’ve sampled these vocals from but you can be sure its hidden away in te dungeons of some old Motown or disco archive. With all those synths and strings thrown in for good measure, one thing is certain – its a sweet tune that is sure to make it on to some of this year’s mixes and compilations. Released under Housexy on 21 May 2007, available to download from DJ Download.
    Time 20m 24s 28ms
  6. Soul Avengerz ft Katherine Ellis – “One Love” (Original)
    One Phat favourites Soul Avengerz and Katherine Ellis are back with yet more big room beats that are sure to keep pulses raised. “One Love” is a funk-fuelled disco masterpiece, with sweet vocals and more jammy guitar riffs you could shake a stick at. Released under Housexy on 21 May 2007, available to download from DJ Download.
    Time 25m 54s 28ms
  7. Chic Flowerz – “Miami Sun” (Original)
    I tend to avoid instrumental tracks in the podcast for no other reason that the podcast is dedicated to vocal funky house (although some tracks do seem to be quite minimal on the lyrics). However, this track from Chic Flowerz is so damned funky, I had to drop it. Oozing with typical disco sounds and a great hooky loop, you’d struggle to keep your feet still to this one. Released under Hed Kandi on 18 May 2007, available to download from DJ Download.
    Time 32m 24s 28ms
  8. The Wideboys – “Bomb (The Secret)” (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
    There have been loads of bootlegs going around recently of The Buckethead’s “The Bomb”. It’s been a tough call deciding on a favourite but I’ve had to give in and endorse the more radio friendly Wideboys version. Funnily enough, the majority of the original has been stripped out in this reworking with some sublime synth loops and completely new vocals from Clare Evers, you might even class this as a mashup, barely borrowing those classic trumpet samples to add some familiarity. Regardless, its a tune and I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that. Released under AATW with a launch date to be announced.
    Time 36m 35s 47ms
  9. Booty Luv – “Don’t Mess With My Man” (Seamus Haji Big Love Remix)
    It was inevitable that we hadn’t heard the last from the Booty Luv crowd. Having firmly established themselves as the biggest dance act of the year, they’ve returned with a remixed cover of Lucy Pearl’s “Don’t Mess With My Man”, a track I was waiting to be remixed since it’s release in 2000. The original had one of the most catchy basslines of the year so it was a pleasant surprise to hear these guys had covered it (although I’m not sure they can take all the credit). Anyway, all the ingredients you’d come to expect from Booty Luv are in there – catchy vocals and samples perfect for the club and radio, unfortunately minus the awesome bassline I was looking forward to. Released under Hed Kandi on 3 September 2007, available to buy from Amazon UK, with an album to follow on 17 September 2007.
    Time 43m 03s 56ms
  10. Wawa vs Smax & Gold – “Stranger” (Wawa Remix)
    Now I wouldn’t normally get so excited about a remix of a pop tune but this track has changed me. I’m probably going to regret putting a US teeny popstar in the podcast but I’m glad to say the likes of Wawa, Eric Smax and Thomas Gold have done Hilary Duff some justice with this remix (although the lack of credits in the title might be intentional). The chorus has a fantastic uplifting feel about it which well and truly nailed the tune for me. It’s already gaining huge commercial appeal on the radio so expect to hear more later in the year. Released under EMI with a launch date to be announced.
    Time 48m 50s 47ms
  11. Doc Da Funk – “Real Love” (Original)
    As we reach the peak of the mix, it’s time for some slightly tougher sounds, this time compliments of Liverpool-based DJ Doc Da Funk. This remix of Drizabone form the early 90’s would sound awesome in a club with that huge bassline. It has a distinctive Big Love sound to this track so I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear it commercially later in the year. Released under Boss Records on 27 July 2007, available to download from DJ Download.
    Time 53m 21s 07ms
  12. Byron Stingily – “Get Up (Everybody)” (Steve Mac Remix)
    I’m sure everyone can remember this classic. I don’t really think it needs any introductions or reasons as to why its in the mix apart from the fact Steve Mac has done himself proud with this remix, leaving the majority of the track untouched, allowing it to gain more commercial appeal during this era of acid house remixes. Released under Wandu on 6 July 2007, available to download from Traxsource.
    Time 59m 13s 45ms
  13. Basstoy ft Dana – “Running”
    Now, this isn’t your typical One Phat Classic entry. Normally, I pick a track that either has either been re-released or just delve into my archives and pick one of my alltime favourites. This time though, its a dedication. Last month, I received an email from a soldier out in the Emirates, telling me how he runs through the desert listening to the podcast. He went on to say how surreal it is running for 5-6 miles every day, past dead camels, while listening to the latest in funky house. Kudos sir – this one’s for you! Released under Blue Plate in 2001, probably available second hand on eBay.
    Time 1h 03m 43s 45ms


As ever, leave your comments, let me know what you think, send your gratitude, tell me what the weather has been like in your part of the World.
I’ve got a little treat coming for One Phat DJ listeners next week. I just need to put some final touches to it but I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. Let’s just say it should put a lid on the Ibiza season just nicely.
Have a good one party people!

7 responses to “Over The Rainbow”

  1. Loving the mixes…not loving the fact that iTunes has only partially downloaded the last couple of one :-(!
    I’m now (click by click!) downloading the full mixes (& Artwork – nice!) from your site. A while ago some comments highlighted bandwidth issues you were having – I’m not sure if this is still the case, however SiteGround (www.siteground.com) offer ridiculous amounts of bandwidth (5,000GB per month..yes 5 TB!)and 500gbs of storage for about $5 (£2)/month. If you find it useful, click through the link at the bottom of my page … so I get a couple months free hosting! 😉
    Keep up the tunage!

  2. hey there, love Over the Rainbow. Just thought that I would let you know that there is a problem on the ITune podcast version is doesn’t download in full. It cuts out just after the start of track 11.
    thanks for the music mixes. They are one of the highlights of my month!

  3. My problem, with iTunes too, was not getting more than 34 seconds (I mentioned it on Twitter, not sure if you saw it). I have managed to get the full thing now though and it’s awesome! Good stuff as usual.

  4. Hey Si, loving the mixes. Thanks for putting them together every month and keeping us dancing!
    I discoverd ‘Let Your Mind Go’ a few weeks back when Kelly Marie from Hed Kandi was playing it here in Australia. Love it! I’ve sinced discovered you can download it from DJ Download: https://www.djdownload.com/artist/Starchaser/194647
    Thanks again for the mixes!

  5. What a funky rainbow mix this is! Top stuff Si ! Loving this one and is helping me on my journey to/from work!

  6. What a brilliant mix, I’m listening to it for about the 10th time right now, and it’s still not getting old 🙂 Well done, and thanks!

  7. Hi, fantastic mixes m8,keep up the good work
    Just have a problem with ‘Over the rainbow’, only downloads bout 20mins on itunes! Whats up?

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