Presenting… Bonnie Bailey

There are some people who are put on this earth solely to entertain. There are some people who have such beautiful voices, it would be a crime if they were not given the opportunity to showcase their ability to the public. There are some people who have both these qualities yet still don’t have the full exposure they truly deserve. So I have taken it upon myself to deliver one of my favourite artists in all their glory through the magic of mixing. Presenting… Bonnie Bailey.
Presenting... Bonnie Bailey
I discovered Ms Bailey several years back on an old Hed Kandi release. I was playing a CD to a few friends while we were chilling out when we heard a track that just had us hooked. After several repeat plays back to enjoy the musical treats a few times, it became a firm favourite in our clique. Years have passed by with many more musical treats getting the Bonnie Bailey treatment, often teaming up with the likes of Eric Kupper and other quality music producers to give tracks her unique sound.
It dawned on me the other month that there was still no official album release from Bonnie. There was stipulation last year of a new release during the early part of 2007 but obviously that time has passed. On her official blog (unfortunately via MySpace), she’s been hinting towards more activity in the studio so there is definitely an album in progress, thankfully backed by One Phat DJ favourites, Fierce Angels.
Until then though, you will have to enjoy some of my favourites (mostly from Fierce Angels compilations) in this exclusive promotional Bonnie Bailey mini mix.

1. Bonnie BaileyTrust
Available on Fierce Angel – Angels Fall from Amazon and Amazon UK.
2. Clique ft Bonnie BaileyAlways By My Side (EK’s More Sparkle Mix)
Available on Fierce Angel – Beach Angel from Amazon and Amazon UK
3. Bonnie BaileyEver After (Eric’s Summer Rubdown)
Available on Fierce Angel – Beach Angel from Amazon and Amazon UK.
4. Bonnie BaileyKingdom Of Pretty (Claude Barreau Mix)
Available on Fierce Angel – Es Vive Ibiza 2006 from Amazon and Amazon UK.
5. Hott 22 vs Bonnie BaileyNo Promises (Revocal)
Available on Fierce Angel – Tokyo Disco from Amazon and Amazon UK.
6. Eric Kupper presents Discrete ft Bonnie BaileyAlways Wanted (Club Mix)
Available on Tokyo Project Presents The Collection from Amazon and Amazon UK.
7. Xenon ft Bonnie BaileyCocoon (Eric’s Electric Cabaret)
Available on Fierce Angel – Es Vive Ibiza 2006 from Amazon and Amazon UK.
8. The Barrow Gang ft Bonnie BaileyInnocence (The Lost In Miami Mix)
Available on Fierce Angel – Tokyo Disco from Amazon and Amazon UK.

All those subscribed to the podcast should download the mix automagically but you can also download it here directly. This isn’t the April podcast by the way – that will be with you by the end of the month as well. This is just something to whet your taste buds and to put one of my favourite artists under the spot light for once.
If you’ve got a lot of love for Bonnie, go and add her to your MySpace friends and leave her a message. I’ll make an announcement when her album is released to make sure you all go buy her stuff. But until then, download this mix, turn it up and enjoy the Summer sounds.
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The original house music podcast DJ back in 2005, founder of House Finesse, hailing from the Midlands in the UK. Influenced by the likes of Pete Tong, Mark Doyle, Simon Dunmore, Joey Negro, Masters at Work, Fatboy Slim, Armand Van Helden and many more house music DJs.

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  1. Anth
    21 April 2007

    it might be me but the download seems really slow ! hope ure well anyway si

  2. 6 May 2007

    Thank you! Its amazingly positive and wonderfull mix!

  3. andre
    8 May 2007

    hallo. the link does not work, it is very slow,

  4. 20 July 2007


  5. drew
    7 October 2007

    hey thanks very much i love this mix ever since i heard her firefly song i was hooked. Job well done i love it.

  6. Jojo
    7 October 2007

    thanks a lot

  7. 3 November 2007

    Hey Simon, great mix, its a real pleasure hearing a Bailey mix. Have also been enjoying many of your other mixes over the last day or so. Nice one that man.
    I first came across your site when googling for Doyle and Hed Kandi… great minds think alike, see my latest blog entry:
    Thanks again!

  8. Mario
    16 November 2007

    Bonnie Bailey – what a voice….melts my heart

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