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1 November 2018 / Favourites

31 October 2018 / Shows
28 September 2018 / Shows

One Phat DJ returns with a selection of his favourite tracks from the Summer with plenty familiar classics remixed, all wrapped up in a tidy hour mix

20 July 2018 / Shows

LYP (aka Lemon Yellow Pea) is back in the mix for July 2018 with a fantastic selection of house tracks including some exclusive bootlegs by the man himself.

21 June 2018 / Shows

One Phat DJ is back with a selection of his favourite tracks from the last few months including highlights from the Glitterbox “This Ain’t No Disco” compilation, a handful of Dr Packer remixes, some commercial hits and a handful of less mainstream numbers.

3 May 2018 / Shows
6 April 2018 / Shows

As the sunshine starts to break through those cold, Wintery months, One Phat DJ returns with a selection of uplifting house delights to help lift morale.

30 December 2017 / Shows

We couldn’t say goodbye to 2017 without a special mix of some of One Phat DJ’s favourite tunes from the past few months.

25 August 2017 / Shows
20 July 2017 / Shows

Holiday season is well underway now and, with it, we bring another selection of the finest house cuts from our very own resident, One Phat DJ.

30 June 2017 / Shows
26 May 2017 / Shows

With holiday season officially here, it feels only right to compliment your travels and parties with a few more mixes, carefully selected and supported by your residents. We start off with a DJ talent from Hertfordshire, Mike Mases.

1 May 2017 / Shows
16 December 2016 / Shows