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8 March 2007 / One Phat DJ
1 February 2007 / One Phat DJ

I may be pushing it with it being the last day of the month but at least I’m sticking to that New Year’s Resolution Goal.
January is that time of the year when we’re all bummed out having “enjoyed” the holiday period with a little over indulgence, put on a few extra pounds and running low on funds so there’s not much left to do than try to lose those pounds with some free exercise. Well, I felt I could help here and put together a great work out mix for all you fitness freaks to exercise to. I’m sure many of you have already given up after a few weeks but there’s nothing stopping you from just putting the mix on and enjoying some of the latest funky house.
So here it is – it’s time to Lose That Phat.
Lose That Phat cover

4 January 2007 / One Phat DJ

It doesn’t seem like yesterday when Mark Doyle was handing Hed Kandi over to Ministry of Sound, when Gnarles Barkley was getting everyone excited about download-only Number 1’s, when I only had responsibilities for myself and Lizzy. In that time, loads has happened (most importantly the arrival of Oscar James) so it seems only right to do what every typical DJ would do and look back over the last 12 months of music. I present to your That Was 2006.
That Was 2006 cover

5 December 2006 / One Phat DJ
20 November 2006 / One Phat DJ
8 November 2006 / One Phat DJ
13 October 2006 / One Phat DJ
29 September 2006 / One Phat DJ

Another month has passed by with numerous new house tracks getting released. You can guess…

23 August 2006 / One Phat DJ
20 July 2006 / One Phat DJ
20 June 2006 / One Phat DJ

There’s no denying it – Summer is finally here. As the nursery rhyme goes “The…

9 May 2006 / One Phat DJ

The sun is starting to make an appearance. The festivals are commencing. More importantly, good…

14 April 2006 / One Phat DJ
11 March 2006 / One Phat DJ
19 February 2006 / One Phat DJ
20 January 2006 / One Phat DJ

It’s that time of the month again when I get my headphones on and mix together the funky house tracks that are doing it for me at the moment. Plain and Simple went down quite well but it had some really good material to support it. This month has taken a slightly different route. I start off with some “bigger” tracks, move on into a slightly twisted sound then finish off with some more soulful tracks.