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20 September 2005 / One Phat DJ

The last mix I created wasn’t my best piece of work. “Last Year” was put together within a couple of hours for a leaving party and consisted of some of (what I thought) last year’s best dance tracks released. Some of the mixing was slightly out and the versions of the tracks I used weren’t my favourite. By the by, it has been downloaded a fair few times on Global Beatz and some of my mates have requested copies on CD. Today, I’ve finished putting together a new mix of tracks I’m feeling this month. They all seem to be taking quite a relaxed approach to funky house so it seemed only apt to call the mix “Best Served Chilled”.

22 July 2005 / One Phat DJ

It had to be done. There were some belting tracks last year and I had…

13 July 2005 / One Phat DJ

Let me know what you think. Its my first digital mix and, hopefully, the first…

25 October 2002 / One Phat DJ
1 February 2002 / One Phat DJ

The first mix of the podcast, going way back to 2002. I’ll put track listings…