Two Thousand And Six

It’s that time of the month again when I get my headphones on and mix together the funky house tracks that are doing it for me at the moment.
Plain and Simple went down quite well but it had some really good material to support it. This month has taken a slightly different route. I start off with some “bigger” tracks, move on into a slightly twisted sound then finish off with some more soulful tracks. I have put in a track which some might suck their teeth at – a reproduction of Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson. It is a bit cheesy but I’m a huge fan of the original and I’m a b*tch for MJ remixes so it had to get a play.
So without further ado (and rambling), I present to you the first mix of “Two Thousand And Six“. Of course, those subscribed to the podcast will automatically get it – if not, you can download it directly from Funky House Tunes. There is also a CD cover which you can download and print off if you want.
Two Thousand And Six Cover
Below you will find the complete tracklisting. I’ve supplied links to other websites where you can purchase the tracks if you require. Some are legal downloads, some vinyl. If you want to do a quick Google search for alternative suppliers, hit the “G” link after each track.

Track Listing

  1. Heather Headley – In My Mind (Freemasons Vocal Club Mix) (G)
  2. LMC ft New Radicals – You Get What You Give (Raul Rincon Remix) (G)
  3. Beatchuggers ft Rahmlee – Soulshaker (ATFC Mix) (G)
  4. Beastie Boys vs Pearn & Bridges – Alive (Whitelabel Club Mix) (G)
  5. Missy Elliott – Teary Eyed (ATFC Club Mix) (G)
  6. Burning Divaz – I’m Attracted To You (Paul Harris Remix) (G)
  7. ATFC ft Inaya Day – Reach Out To Me (Haji & Emanuel Remix) (G)
  8. Rhythme Fatal ft Redd Angel – Man In The Mirror (Club Mix) (G)
  9. Brand New Heavies – Surrender (DJ Bomba & The Soulseekerz Remix) (G)
  10. Angie Stone – I Wasn’t Kidding (Vocal Club Mix) (G)
  11. Third Member – Let Everything Drop (Original Mix) (G)
  12. D Smith – Its Hard (Club Mix) (G)
  13. Meck – Thunder In My Heart Again (Starlet DJs Dub Mix) (G)

If you enjoy the mix, please leave a comment. Even if you don’t like it, I want to hear from you. The downloads on my mixes are going mental but I don’t hear much back from anyone apart from my mates. Let me know where you’re from and how you found the mix. Tell me what you honestly think.
(Coincidentally, I am thinking of improving the podcast with some comments and thoughts from listeners and myself. If you want to be included in the podcast, record a little comment and send it to mail [at] simonjobling [dot] com.)

13 responses to “Two Thousand And Six”

  1. Hey man,
    Your mixes fucking rock. I raped your site’s bandwidth the other night, and I’ve been playing them non-stop ever since. Pimped your site at my linkblog (

  2. Yo man, Your Funky House Mixes are “The F’in Nuts”!!!
    Was on iTunes today looking for some recent funky house mixes cause would like to become a DJ myself and just So into my funky house didn’t expect to come across much on iTunes but when your music came up and I started listening to it at first Impressions pretty good but as I made my way all through them I was Lovin it! Absolutely Wiked… Especially the Jackson mix, lovin that song, you need to do more of MJ! Definately be keeping track in future. Lovin’ Your Work!! Keep It Up.

  3. Realy like your mixes. Really really cool. nice tracks, various inspirations. That’s cool. I’d just like to have the chapters/track names on my iTunes podcast, but that could be difficult for u!
    Regards. And keep postin that kind of groovy tracks!

  4. Preacher:
    Thanks for pimping my site. 🙂 I noticed some traffic coming from your site in my stats. Loving the publicity!
    I’m glad you enjoy the tracks and mixes. Hopefully we’ll all be listening to your podcast soon!?
    I’ve started the new mix already. Hopefully I’ll have it done for next week but it depends on workloads.
    I’ll have a look into that. I’m hoping to change the format of the podcast for the next mix and I’m always taking on board everyone’s ideas and thoughts. If its not too much trouble, I’ll get some tracklisting in there.
    (I was looking into embedding cue points within the mix so you can skip between tracks on the mix but it’s looking like more trouble than its worth. Never say never though! ;))

  5. surfing 4 my pleasure led my 2 your site 2day.
    Gr8 one 4 sure. added u 2 my fav.
    I d/l 2 of your sets
    2006 & plain & simple
    can say that i’m LOVIN it – R E S P E C T!

  6. Hi mate
    I’m a DJ in Adelaide, South Australia, I recently stumbled acrosss your site using Google. I read your tracklistings as a heads up for new tunage and always find a couple of goodies!
    Good work and thanks mate, take care.

  7. wow… a total house head/ nut/ lover/ dj and this 2006(word it up) is da shiz. i totally love it. this is the type of house i love and play at my weekly residency in revolution bar. Keep up the good work m8 and keep house alive!!!!!!

  8. just got back from holiday to malia in crete heard the man in the mirror tune every day and its become our holiday song dowloaded the mix just for that cheers

  9. Wuzzup Simon. I live in vancouver, canada. I found ur mixes on itunes. I must say ur podcast is by far my favorite of all the house podcasts. No chat just music, and fresh tracks every mix. thats how i like it. good work brotha. keep em comin. Peace

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