Turkey Project

Before anyone thinks the title of this podcast is a dig at the label Tokyo Project, I must clear up that it is simply named in accordance with my holiday to Turkey, the country, next week. Please don’t take offence Mark!
Anyway, instead of rambling on and on about what the mix is all about and how much you should listen to it, I’m just going to delve straight in with the tracklistings this month. A lot of the material can be found on Fierce Angels‘ latest compilation Beach Angel (available from Amazon.com, Amazon UK as well as other suppliers) so if you find yourself loving the tunes this month, I really do recommend adding Beach Angel to your CD collection. Its a great summer album which most house fans will love.
With all that in mind, I present to you – Turkey Project.
Turkey Project cover

1. Clique ft Robina – Some Kind Of Wonderful (Eric’s Wonderful 12″)
We kick off Turkey Project with a nice mellow track involving some lush vocals from Robina. She’s got a certain angelic sound to her voice which is very soothing when you’re basking in the Summer heat.
2. Richard Earnshaw – We’ve Got Joy (Central Avenue Mix)
Whether Richard Earnshaw created it or Central Avenue did, this tune is awesome and had to get dropped into Turkey Project. It will certainly go down well when I’m listening while laying on the beach next week.
3. The Shapeshifters ft Chic – Sensitivity (Extended Mix)
Regular listeners of the podcast should know that I’m a pretty big Shapeshifters fan so it was inevitable that their latest offering would become podcast material once it got released. There are a couple of other remixes around that are going down quite well but I thought I should just play the Extended version to keep the original sound in there. Great work boys and looking forward to the followup album.
4. Grooveland – Tell Me (Andrea T Mendoza Remix)
Again, this track has got a few remixes around from some familiar names but it was Andrea T Mendoza’s version that got my attention this month. Stonking sound for a pure house track with a funky bassline and a bit of tribal beats thrown in for good measure.
5. Dab Hands – Do Your Own Thing (Main Vocal 12′ Mix)
No – it’s not a cover of the Basement Jaxx tunes but a completely different track this one. This one has male vocals, a very addictive “jammy” guitar riff and some pretty catchy lyrics. Not your obvious funky house track for the mix but pretty cool all the same.
6. 49ers ft Ann-Marie Smith – Let The Sunshine In (7th Heaven Club Mix)
This cover of Milk & Sugar’s “Let The Sun Shine” certainly has the Summer sound you would come to expect at this time of the year. While its not as good as Milk & Sugar’s, its still a pretty funky tune with more of a diva vocal than the previous encounter.
7. Timmy Vegas & Seamus Haji – Devotion (A Bit More Lovin’) (12′ Mix)
Now we’re talking! This track gets me every time I hear the funky bassline drop right at the start. Male vocals this time with quite a commercial sounding song – one that will be on repeat a few times over the coming months.
8. Studio Apartment ft Stephanie Cooke – One True Love (Eric Kupper Mix)
We’re taking a dip in the pool with this next track and chilling out again with some more mellow vocals from Stephanie Cooke and a beautiful remix from Fierce Angel DJ Eric Kupper.
9. Hardsoul – Back Together (Original 12′ Mix)
Continuing on the slower vibe, here comes one of my favourite tracks of the year. More male vocals over a funky bassline with the obligatory strings and synth sound to bring the funk alive.
10. Peyton – Falling (Eric’s Fallen Angel Mix)
Yet another encounter from one of the best male vocalists of previous years (in my opinion). This track is a little deeper than the monster track “A Higher Place” but, with full backing from Doyle and Co, has the potential to get great penetration to the bars and clubs around the globe.
11. Afromento – Human Wave (Original Mix)
We’ll be losing some vocals for this track but injecting some Latin feel into the mix, courtesy of Afromento. Great instrumental track that I feel could go further with the benefit of some appropriate vocals. Surely there is someone out there willing to play with some acapellas on this… if you do, send it my way and I’ll drop it in the next mix.
12. Rosie Gaines – Closer Than Close (Candy Apple Vocal Mix)
One Phat Tune
Time to go back a few years now to get something that has stood the test of time. While the original tune was around back in 1997, everyone seems to know the tune when they hear it so when I got this remix last month, it seemed only right to present it as One Phat Tune. This version is less clubby, more trendy bar, but still holds a good funkiness to it.
13. Jamiroquai – Space Cowboy (David Morales Classic Club Mix)
One Phat Classic
Does this song really need an introduction?? It’s Mr JK of Jamiroquai, doing one of his all time classics, in its classic club remix by classic DJ David Morales. One word springs to mind…

Now you know whats in the mix, why don’t you download it? As with normal practise, it comes in two flavours – podcast (50.5MB) and enhanced (101MB). The only difference is the sound quality so its up to you how long you want to wait.
Don’t forget that I love to hear from you. If you love it, like it, hate it – whatever. Just let me know. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the mix and the tracks.
One final thing – if you want to get a shout out in the next mix, send me an Odeo message. It’s relatively easy – all you need is a microphone plugged into your computer. Record a message using the simple little tool then hit Send. I will play all* messages that get sent.
Enjoy the mix and the beautifully hot weather!
*Profanity filter will be switched on so keep it clean kids!

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  1. Great tunes. My better half is a real hed kandi girl and now she is a Simon Jobling fan. Do you ever play out? If so where?

  2. Hey man, tonight I ran into your page b/c I searched Jamiroquai. Great summer mix for sure. Im about to head to work now and its setting me in the greatest of moods. Cant wait to get home and listen to the rest. Great work Mate!

  3. All of these are classic, not too many places over here playing this stuff over here in Dublin….
    One request for the next podcast is an oldie ‘Daddy’s Favourite – I feel good things for you’

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