Going To Miami

(If only I was!)
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Yet again, its time for me to get my mixing fingers at the ready, delve into my record box and pull out some stonking funky house tracks for an hours worth of mixing. This month, as you may have guessed from the title, is preparing you for the Miami Winter Music Conference at the end of the month (24-28th March). It is inevitable that we will hear some of the finest new tunes from some of the biggest artists and DJs from around the globe so I have looked into my crystal ball and hand-picked some of the tunes that you will probably be hearing over the coming months in clubs, bars and, quite even, the summer festivals.
True to form I have also gone back in time and chosen a couple of classics from yester-year to finish off the mix with something that I’m sure most of you will be familiar with. Junior Jack‘s “Stupidisco” was huge in 2003 so I felt it necessary to take you back a couple of years and throw down his funky sound. You will also get to hear one of my all-time favourites from Degrees Of Motion – “Shine On“. This song is 12 years old this year but still gets everyone singing along to its anthemic chorus. We had this song played at our wedding party last year so it feels only appropriate to bring it back for the next big stage of our life.
Anyway, stop reading this and go download the mix if you’re not subscribed to the One Phat DJ podcast. Tracklistings follow…

  1. Future Funk – Wildberry Tracks (Bimbo Jones Remix) (Boss Records)
  2. Sunkids ft Chance – Rise Up (Main Mix) (Boss Records)
  3. Mark Knight ft Katherine Ellis – Insatiable (Joey Negro Remix) (Toolroom Records)
  4. Mish Mash ft Lois – Speechless (Extended Mix) (Mighty Data Records)
  5. Third Member – Let Everything Drop (Original Mix) (Stoney Boy Records)
  6. The S&M Project ft Sam Noon & Pav – One Man (Basserz Remix) (Bless UK Records)
  7. Molella & The Outhere Brothers – If You Wanna Party (Molly & Phil Mix) (Zeitgeist Germany)
  8. MC Mario vs MJ – Lovely One (Ivan Xsentrix Mix) (Tycoon Records)
  9. The Beach & Tia – Suntan (Freemasons Extended Mix) (Sony/BMG Records)
  10. One Phat Tune: Junior Jack – Stupidisco
  11. One Phat Classic: Degrees Of Motion – Shine On

As per usual, if you have any comments or requests, let me know!
Similar to last month, the compression rate of this mix is at 96kbps for faster downloads but if you would like the High Quality mix, please let me know and I’ll sort you out.

19 responses to “Going To Miami”

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Sony ACID Music Studio 6.0. It’s a great piece of software for mixing in my opinion and I hope to write a tutorial soon for any budding DJs who fancy having a play with its free little brother, Acid Xpress 5.0 before spending your pennies.
    If you hold out, it looks like Sony will be releasing a new piece of kit next month that could kick its delinquents into non-existance. Keep your eye on the holding page or, if you’re feeling daring, register your email address to keep in touch.

  2. Hi Si,
    Great mixes as always!
    Could you consider putting in some Andrea T Mendoza- Can’t Fake it/Barbara Tucker & Blaze-Most Precious Love
    and Martin Solveig-Rocking Music in one of your next mixes…
    Thanks, All the best

  3. Hey Simon, first congrats regarding your last news, and second, what are you wainting for a TUTORIAL!! I WANT IT KNOW 😀

  4. Love the blog and the dance mix selection w/ my man Joey Negro doing a remix. How can I get a better fidelity mix. I have a cable internet connection. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Simon,
    I hang out to download your mixes, they always hit the right spot. Was overjoyed to listen to “Miami” yesterday while in the car and in came the mix of “shine on”… YAY!
    I’d love to get a copy of the higher quality versions of the last 2 mixes if possible.
    Good luck with bubs…

  6. Hi Simon,
    Just found your podcast from iTunes and I’m impressed with the tunes fella!
    Could I get the higher quality version of – well, any of the mixes that you’ve got to hand to be honest..! 😉
    Congrats on the baby news btw..!
    Keep up the good work fella,

  7. Hey Simon! I assume the answer is no, but is this music podsafe music? Is it legal to play it in other podshows?

  8. Just found your podcast from iTunes and lovin it!
    Is there any chance I can have a better quality version of your fantastic “Going to Miami mix”
    All the best.

  9. Hi! First of all – keep up the good work! Diggin the old Catherine E and Chanelle tracks on the first 2 Miami comps.
    Keep up the great work!

  10. Hey ya.
    Just been downloading your pod casts and loving every minute of them!!! Funky house is just THE BEST music and you mix it so well!
    Only snagg is that some of them arent downloading… Like the ”going to miami” says things like the url cannot be found on the server. It is like that for quite a few tunes……. Wondered if there was anything u could do to fix it so that i could download them from itunes and enjoy the rest as much as i have those i have downloaded already.

  11. Hi there
    Awesome Mix. Is it possible to get a better quality version. Many thanks and keep up the great music!!!!

  12. […] Mr Nelson returns with yet another BIG remix of a track that I’ve been loving all year. I originally played Rise Up in Going To Miami way back in February but there were a few re-releases of the track on 3 Beat Digital so I grabbed this (and the 7th Heaven Remix) and bunged it in the mix. Expect big vocals, big sounds – just a big tune in general! […]

  13. […] Rise Up has featured in a couple of my podcasts in 2006, the Main Mix was way back in February’s “Going To Miami” and then Grant Nelson’s effort in September’s “Dancing Divas“. This time, I’m taking it back to basics with the Gospel Mix. Nice and simple – a really catchy piano hook, a simple bassline leaving you with pure quality vocals. This is what One Phat DJ loves! […]

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