Beats For Easter

I don’t think there has ever been so much anticipation just for a One Phat DJ mix ever before but this month seems to have had people from all over the globe asking me when the “April” mix is due. Well, for all those requests out there, I can now put you all at ease. I present to you the 12th installment of One Phat DJ’s podcast – Beats For Easter.

It’s been a mixed bag of tracks released this month. Several interesting new releases that you will find in this month’s mix include a cover of a track that Shola Ama certainly made famous back in 2000 “Sweetest Taboo” as well as Alex Party’s “Don’t Give Me Your Life”. There’s also the re-release of last year’s dance anthem “Most Precious Love” which has got some funky treatment from those UK producers Freemasons.
Something else you might notice in this month’s mix are some awesome soundbites that I’ve been generously donated. Those sexy “One Phat …” bites are compliments of Clare Ewing – fiánce of my DJ friend from Manchester, DJ Cruze (who also podcasts his favourite funky house tunes weekly). Big thanks to you guys for your help and all the best for the wedding this Summer.


  1. ATFC – Spread Love (Vocal Love Mix)
  2. Stephanie B – Sweetest Taboo (Jack Mccord Remix)
  3. Blaze ft Barbara Tucker – Most Precious Love (Freemasons Proper Club Mix)
  4. Cresbo – Dont Give Me Your Life (Sugarfunk Mix)
  5. Noir – My Mtv (Ian Carey Remix)
  6. Underground Movement ft Stanford – Shake (Club Mix)
  7. Juan Magan & Victor Magan – Dancing Loving (Original Mix)
  8. FM Groove ft Dee Holloway – Say It (Layabouts Vocal Club Mix)
  9. Musical Solution pres The Dynamic Duo ft Pete Si – Superhero (Original Mix)
  10. One Phat Tune: Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme (ATFC’s Jive For Jezebel)
  11. One Phat Classic: Powerhouse ft Duane Harden – What You Need (Full Intention Power Mix)

If you have any comments or requests, let me know!

Finally, for all you taking a break this weekend, Happy Easter. Enjoy your weekend whether you are chilling, partying or spending time with your family – I’m sure you can fit in an hours worth of One Phat DJ.

15 responses to “Beats For Easter”

  1. Hi Si, been trying to contact you, can you pls get in touch, i have some work for you. Also mate just had a listen, very nice…

  2. Si, Your April mix doesn’t seem to be appearing on the itunes podcast?
    Not sure how else to download it?
    Also funkyhousetunes website has been under development for quite a while now…
    do you know when its new site is likely to be launched?
    Thanks again

  3. Thanks for the comments so far and your feedback on the corrupt podcast. It turned out to be my mistake with the character set used (sorry – techy talk!)
    Anyway, all should be resumed now and iTunes is updating correctly!

  4. What a wicked podcast. Really loved all the tunes and mixes and I love that “One Phat DJ” bite during the mixes!

  5. Just checked it out mate and it’s an awesome mix.
    Nice voiceovers too.
    The girl who did them sounds really sexy!
    Good job I’m marrying her then. 😉

  6. Hey Si,
    I´m listening to your latest Podcast at the Moment.
    Great Tunes and nice mixing!
    Hope to get more of this good stuff.
    greetings from Germany

  7. In derby? – lol. Now that’s when you know the internet is a strange place. I’m actually in roswell, new mexico on vacation for 6 weeks chilling out with my mate (he lives here) – i live in burton on trent as my hometown, i’m back in 3 weeks and i found you from the footy site you have done. You’ll be stacked out with work after that gets hit on a big engine somewhere mate!
    Crazy, your only just up the road. Great tunes, great sites.
    Cheers for sharing.

  8. I’ve been a Big fan of your podcast mixes ever since you appeared on, and have just downloaded your mix recorded live from the Eugine Pinkerton show – love the first track!! Do you have any plans to visit Cheltenham in the future as I go clubbing there quite alot. Anyway keep up the good work, and if your interested my cousin Chris also has contacts with Ministry of Sound and Head Kandi – (chris is a DJ/Producer like yourself).
    Anyway keep making those mixes…and I will be looking out for more soon!!

  9. hello mate… great mixes donwloading them all… only found your mixes few days ago butloving them… love to give you a ultimate set list to mix… thinking david bendeth – feel the real, Shakedown at night, gusto – disco’s revenge, Ron Carroll – back together… for starters!!

  10. Well if Dan wants to do an altimate mix – can i add a few other suggestions – I’ve been trying to find some tracks which i heard on an old Mix tape from the early 90’s – but i guess they are long deleted on vynl. Tracks include, Aftershock “Slave to the vibe”, Maria Carey – “Dreamlover” (David Moreals mix), and the Seven Grand Housing Authority “The Question”…now theres a challenge!!

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