House Finesse Community

Join the conversation with your House Finesse family in Discord

We know there are thousands of listeners out there downloading our shows every month. But we don’t know what you think or want.

Sign up to our free Discord community where you can chat with your regular hosts One Phat DJ, LYP and Gweilo, along with many other listeners too.

We’ll also be arranging giveaways, freebies, live streams and much more to make it worth your while and keep you entertained.

Why join?

If lockdown has taught us anything is that:

  1. People need each other to get through tough times 🥰
  2. Online is the best way to communicate 📱
  3. Music helps keep morale and energy up when we need it most 🎶

By creating a community for us to talk to each other, we can all share our stories to get support and words of encouragement from others. House Finesse listeners have been around for YEARS with a shared passioned for house music. Let’s make the most of this to bring out community together in a safe place.

Join the conversation in our House Finesse Discord, make new friends, meet old ones and feel the joy from some like-minded people.