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20 January 2006 / / One Phat DJ

It’s that time of the month again when I get my headphones on and mix together the funky house tracks that are doing it for me at the moment. Plain and Simple went down quite well but it had some really good material to support it. This month has taken a slightly different route. I start off with some “bigger” tracks, move on into a slightly twisted sound then finish off with some more soulful tracks.

22 December 2005 / / One Phat DJ

It’s that time of the year where your workload is getting ever higher but morale is getting lower due to the Winter blues. Either that or you just can’t for Christmas and the New Year (maybe a mixture of the two). With that in mind, I’ve taken it upon myself to attempt to cheer up all you party animals out there with the latest One Phat DJ installment – Plain & Simple.

18 November 2005 / / One Phat DJ

I might be getting a little ahead of myself here but I’ve created a new mix for November in celebration of us buying our first house. We found out yesterday that the first stage of our mortgage application has gone through and the second stage (surveyance) has been initiated. Considering the house is only ten years old, the chances are good for the bank to lend us the money so the biggest hurdle of the move has been jumped.

4 October 2005 / / One Phat DJ

So the last mix went down like a lead balloon – whether it was due to the dodgy decision to include Liberty X in it, I don’t know but I’ve moved on now and put a new mix together today!

20 September 2005 / / One Phat DJ

The last mix I created wasn’t my best piece of work. “Last Year” was put together within a couple of hours for a leaving party and consisted of some of (what I thought) last year’s best dance tracks released. Some of the mixing was slightly out and the versions of the tracks I used weren’t my favourite. By the by, it has been downloaded a fair few times on Global Beatz and some of my mates have requested copies on CD. Today, I’ve finished putting together a new mix of tracks I’m feeling this month. They all seem to be taking quite a relaxed approach to funky house so it seemed only apt to call the mix “Best Served Chilled”.

22 July 2005 / / One Phat DJ
13 July 2005 / / One Phat DJ
25 October 2002 / / One Phat DJ
1 February 2002 / / One Phat DJ